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How to Watch Streaming YouTube 3D Clips Directly with 3D Vision

July 11th, 2010 · 34 Comments · Other S3D Tech

YouTube is becoming one of the main sources for sharing stereo 3D video and for finding such, although the quality is not usually the best, the general lack of 3D content and the popularity of YouTube make it the ideal place for that. The YouTube 3D functionality that was introduced some time ago was nice addition, but it still does not work with 3D Vision and you cannot watch the 3D videos in 3D directly from YouTube’s website. Normally the solution would be to use some sort of a service of software in order to download the clip on your computer and then open it with the 3D Vision Video Player or the Stereoscopic Player, but not anymore…

Thanks to the reader ReMichael we now have an alternative solution that allows to easily get the direct link to watch the streaming video in 3D directly from the 3D Vision Video Player or the Stereoscopic Player by using the Open URL function of these programs and pasting the link you get. The solution is in the form of a simple Bookmarklet that you can use when you open a YouTube video page to get the correct link you need to copy and paste into the video player software.

How to use the bookmarklet

1. Right-click on the following link and save it to your bookmarks: Youtube 3D Links.
2. Go to a YouTube video page with a 3D clip.
3. Click the Youtube 3D Links button from your Bookmarks toolbar/list.
4. Copy a link from the list which should now appear (they have different quality).
5. Open the 3D Video Player, click File / Open URL and paste the URL there.
6. Select the right 3D video format depending on the source.
7. Enjoy the video in 3D.

You should be careful when selecting the right format for the video you are opening, as choosing the wrong settings might make the video not look so good. Most of the current videos that are up to 1080p are in Side by Side format and you need to select 16:9 aspect ratio. For the videos in 3D that are available in Original format usually the default aspect ratio is Ok, as they are should not be squashed, but even if you select 16:9 you will not have trouble with the aspect ratio as it is really 16:9 and will not be changed.

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