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Actual Power Consumption of Samsung 2233RZ Monitor

July 27th, 2009 · 2 Comments · GeForce 3D Vision


By specifications the Samsung 2233RZ in stand by mode (DPMS) should use less than 1W, which you can consider right on the point – the watt meter I’ve used jumped between zero and 1 watt, although when I took the picture it was showing 1W. So right on the spot with the standby power usage in the specifications and in real world usage… one watt is not that much, but still you better turn of the display when you are not going to use it for longer periods of time.


Now, the power consumption of the monitor when it is turned on and working was a bit more interesting, because it’s specifications state that is uses 50W typical. The watt meter was showing 45W power consumption and that is with the settings being forced to be like when in 3D mode (100 for brightness, 75 for contrast), so Samsung 2233RZ is actually consuming less power than specs state, which is also very good.

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