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GoPro 3D HERO 1080p 3D Video Recording System is Now Available

April 6th, 2011 · 13 Comments · Shooting in 3D

GoPro has officially released their 3D HERO System, a waterproof 3D expansion kit for their compact 1080p HD HERO cameras that allows you to pair two of these cameras and record 1080p 3D action video. The GoPro 3D HERO System is already shipping with a price of $99.99 USD, but have in mind that this is the price only for the 3D enclosure, you will still need to have two 1080p GoPro HD HERO cameras to use it as these are not included.

The GoPro 3D HERO housing is made from strong polycarbonate and is waterproof up to 180 feet (around 55 meters), so you should not worry what and where you are shooting your next action 3D videos as water won’t be a problem and neither you should worry about damaging the cameras. The kit comes with a synchronization cable to connect the two cameras, but prior using it you will need to update the firmware of your two cameras. This cable should ensure perfect synchronization between the two 1080p cameras, because a single shutter button controls both cameras. Just have in mind that the older and smaller in resolution GoPro cameras are not compatible with the GoPro 3D HERO. You also get different mounts to ease you in the attachment of the 3D camera system to different surfaces and 3 pairs of anaglyph glasses to view the content you’ve shot even if you don’t have any more specialized 3D-capable hardware.

You also get a software for importing the two separate video streams from the two 1080p cameras and building the 3D video file out of them, the software is GoPro Cineform Studio. Interestingly enough GoPro acquired the company Cineform not too long ago, so it is pretty normal to have the technology developed by Cineform becoming a part of the tools you get with your GoPro 3D HERO system. Of course the GoPro Cineform Studio software you get won’t be as powerful as some of the more advanced 3D tools that Cineform offers separately, but it should be enough for your basic 3D video needs. And you can always export the video and then further edit it in a more powerful video editing software with support for 3D video such as the latest Sony Vegas.

If you get your hands on the 3D HERO System and do some 3D video recording with it and a pair of 1080p cameras you are welcome to share your feedback below as well as some example 3D videos you’ve recorded.

For more information about the GoPro 3D HERO 1080p 3D Video Recording System…

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