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Workaround Solution for Viewsonic PJD6531w Users with 3D Vision

June 20th, 2010 · No Comments · GeForce 3D Vision

Nvidia has provided a temporary solution for the owners of the Viewsonic PJD6531w 3D DLP projectors and 3D Vision running into problems when setting up 3D mode using the 3D Vision wizard.Have in ind that what they’ve published is just a temporary workaround until a fix is made available (probably with the release of the next driver update). The step by stem guide available as a knowledgebase article will give you directions for configuring the Viewsonic PJD6531w with the Nvidia 3D Vision glasses and it is available here: I am having trouble setting up the ViewSonic PJD 6531w using CD v1.29 (v257.21)?

The cause of the bug is that the software is choosing the optimal mode reported by the projector which in case of the Viewsonic PJD6531w is 1280×800. However, the projector needs to run at 1280×720 rezolution @ 120Hz and thus the wizard will report an error. Nvidia is hoping to have a fix for that issue ready by the next 3D Vision driver update and meanwhile if you already bought Viewsonic PJD6531w projector, then you can use the temporary workaround for the time being…

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Nvidia GeForce 3D Vision Driver v1.27 Beta Full CD Now Available

May 24th, 2010 · 6 Comments · GeForce 3D Vision

As promised a few days ago Nvidia has released the first official beta driver from the new Release 256 family of drivers (versions 256.xx to 259.xx), it is the 257.15 GPU beta driver and along with it also an update for the 3D Vision driver also version 257.15. Among the features of the new GPU driver is the addition of support for Blu-ray 3D with NVIDIA 3D Vision technology, although we still need the software players with Blu-ray 3D support to come out (should happen pretty soon). There is also an increase in performance for GeForce GTX 400 Series GPUs in several PC games and a new NVIDIA Control Panel setup page for SLI and PhysX for better control over multi-gpu configurations. There are also other additional features and improvements for SLI and CUDA users as well as some bug fixes in the new 257.15 driver. Still no support for the 3D Vision Surround in this version of the driver, however such should be available by the end of the next month in a new driver release according to Nvidia (end of June).

The new 3D Vision 257.15 driver also has some new improvements, but not so significant as with the GPU driver. The new 3D Vision driver adds supports for the upcoming GeForce GTX 465 GPUs; the new 3D Vision-Ready LCDs ASUS VG236H, LG W2363D 120 Hz, LG W2363DB 120 Hz; and the 3D Vision-ready Projectors ViewSonic PJD6251 and ViewSonic PJD6531w. There are also profiles for the following games/applications: Alice in Wonderland, iRacing Demo, StarCraft II, Lost Planet 2, Stone Giant and Heaven Benchmark. You can download the 3D Vision driver 257.15 as a separate download or get the Full CD with v1.27 that contains both the GPU and 3D Vision Driver for 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

There is still no update for the 3D Vision full CD version for notebook users, but you can download the Verde Notebook driver version 257.15 too and then just install the 3D Vision Driver only and you can get the needed support for your laptop weather it has a 120Hz built-in screen or you use and external 120Hz LCD monitor with it.

To download the new Nvidia GeForce 3D Vision Driver v1.27 Beta Full CD…

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ViewSonic PJD6531w is a New 3D-ready 120Hz DLP Projector

March 2nd, 2010 · 10 Comments · General 3D News

Viewsonic has just announced the commercial availability of its latest 120Hz 3D-ready DLP projector – the PJD6531w, targeted at corporate, education and home theater users. ViewSonic PJD6531w supports WXGA resolution of 1280×800 (wide aspect, 16:10, but up to 60Hz thus not in 3D… for 120Hz in 3D the max resolution appears to be is 1024×768) and offers maximum brightness of 3000 lumens and high 3200:1 contrast ratio (dynamic, the typical contrast ratio is 2000:1). The good news is that according to ViewSonic the new projector support both NVIDIA 3D-Vision and Texas Instruments DLP Link technologies, so it means it should work with the 3D Vision drivers (need confirmation for that one though)…

ViewSonic PJD6531w supports all HDTV formats, including 720p and 1080i/p, offers extensive input options including HDMI 1.3 connector with HDCP support, and integrated 10W speakers, although you’ll probably have to stick to the analogue DSUB15 video connector for usage at 120Hz. The life of the projector lamp is rated at 4000 hours in normal mode, but if you switch to the built-in Eco Mode you’ll get up to a 6000-hour lamp life and reduced noise (29 dB in Eco compared to 34 dB in normal mode). The projector is currently available with a recommended end user price of $799 USD.

The new ViewSonic PJD6531w is already listed at Amazon for $749 USD…

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