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The New Medal of Honor Game in Stereo 3D Mode with 3D Vision

October 14th, 2010 · 13 Comments · Stereo 3D Games

The new Medal of Honor game is out now and I had a quick look at it and more importantly how well it handles in stereo 3D mode with 3D Vision and I can say that I’m not very satisfied with the results. The new Medal of Honor game is a try to refresh the series with something new and the game itself is not bad at all, I’ve actually liked it after just a few minutes of playing. However trying to play it in stereo 3D mode was a disappointment, but it was kind of expected considering the fact that the single player mode was developed based on a modified Unreal Engine 3 (pre-stereo 3D compatible version) and in result the typical issues associated with UE3 are present. Dynamic shadows do not render right, some objects are tripled which results in weird-looking halos around characters and some other objects as well as some other visual issues and the typical 2D crosshair and 2D HUD elements like 2D rendered names and icons that appear over players and objects in-game. There is also not yet an official 3D Vision profile available in the latest beta drivers for the game and we know that sometimes Nvidia can make a difference with the profile,e specially for UE3-based games…

The game itself does not have an advanced video options menu, so you cannot do much trying to make things better, although you can go to “\Documents\EA Games\Medal of Honor\Config” and try messing up with the “MOHAEngine.ini” configuration file to make things a bit better, although you should not expect too much of an improvement by disabling dynamic shadows and such. So while waiting for some patch for the game or a profile or something else that can make things better in stereo 3D mode I would suggest not to consider the game for playing with 3D Vision and instead stick to playing it in 2D. One interesting thing however is the fact that MOH uses two different engines – one for single player mode and that is the UE3 and another one for the multiplayer mode – the Frostbite Engine used in Bad Company 2. However I’m sure that not a lot of you are playing just about any first person shooter in multiplayer mode in stereo 3D mode with 3D Vision… ;)

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The Latest Unreal Engine 3 Will Have Official 3D Vision Support

March 11th, 2010 · 5 Comments · GeForce 3D Vision

Nvidia and Epic Games just announced the addition of official support for the stereoscopic 3D technology called 3D Vision in the latest Unreal Engine 3. This announcement means that licensees of the Unreal Engine 3 will be able to take full advantage of integrated 3D Vision support by offering games that not only look great, but also handle very well when played in stereoscopic 3D mode. The best news is that even the popular Unreal Development Kit (UDK), a free version of Unreal Engine 3, will also offer support for 3D Vision. The updated version of Unreal Engine 3 and UDK (the march beta does not include it!) will be available in the near future, allowing games developed with that revision (or later one) to deliver “out of the box” support for 3D Vision. Meanwhile the latest version of nreal Engine 3 with 3D Vision support is being demonstrated at the Game Developers Conference currently held in San Francisco, so if you are interested you can visit and see a demo of the engine in stereoscopic 3D mode. And while the announcement is only about 3D Vision support for the latest Unreal Engine 3 it will most likely work without any significant issues with other stereoscopic 3D solutions currently available.

To visit the official website of the free UDK (the free Unreal Engine 3 development kit)…

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