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Patch 1.3 Adds Official Stereo 3D Support in The Game Two Worlds II

September 7th, 2011 · 5 Comments · Stereo 3D Games

The latest update version 1.3 for the game Two Worlds II introduces official stereoscopic 3D support for both AMD and Nvidia stereo 3D gamers, but the strange thing is that the official release notes are talking only about 3D HDTV support, although the game of course should also work with compatible 3D monitors for both Nvidia’s 3D Vision and AMD’s HD3D technology. The shame is that we had to wait for quite some time for the stereo 3D support to be added as a feature in this patch, but anyway, quoted below are the release notes concerning the stereo 3D support specific for both GPU vendors – both requirements and limitations apparently…

– you must install NVIDIA 3dTVPlay (14 day free trial, after that you have to pay for it), navigate to NVIDIA control panel and enable 3d. You can do this only when:
1) your drivers are 280.xx or never,
2) you have only one 3d tv connected to your computer. If you have both a 3d tv and a monitor connected the 3d cannot be turned on. If you have more than one graphics card and your SLI is turned OFF, the 3d tv can be connected only to the first of them – otherwise it won’t work. Again, if you have a monitor connected to the other card it won’t work.
– 3D works on all 8600 and up NVIDIA cards,
– your 3d tv must be listed on the NVIDIA website – it won’t work on other models,

– your drivers must be 11.3 or never,
– it works with any 3d tv,
– the tv can be connected in any way you like it but it must be a HDMI or DVI-2-HDMI connection,
– you can connect other monitors to your machine,
– if you have two graphics cards you have to disable the crossfire – the 3D won’t work with that,
– “framepacked stereo” mode:
– choose the native tv resolution (usually 1920×1080),
– press the 3D button on your remote control and select the “top-bottom frame packed mode” (the name may vary depending on your tv model),
– play using the pad or software cursor – hardware mouse cursor will not work,
– works with any 3D tv, with any additional monitors connected whatever you like, SLI or no SLI, crossfire or no crossfire.

Feel free to report how the game works for you in stereoscopic 3D mode after applying the latest patch as prior to it we already know there were some issues when trying to play the game in stereo 3D mode. The game can most certainly benefit from proper stereo 3D support…

To download the latest patch 1.3 adding stereo 3D support for the game Two Worlds II…

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