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TriOviz For Games 3D SDK Now Supports AMD’s HD3D Technology

July 4th, 2012 · No Comments · General 3D News

The French developer TriOviz has announced that their TriOviz For Games 3D SDK now also supports AMD’s HD3D Technology for outputting in stereoscopic 3D mode. TriOviz For Games SDK is intended for video game developers that want to make their games support stereoscopic 3D (S3D) output on game consoles and PC without having to implement a native stereoscopic 3D engine by themselves. The interesting thing about TriOviz’s approach is that it uses post-processing to build the image for the second eye of the viewer when recreating the stereoscopic 3D output, so the cost in terms of performance loss when using stereoscopic 3D mode is significant less than when using full double frame rendering for the left and right eye (think Crysis 2’s approach to stereoscopic 3D, thoуgh it is only similar).

TriOviz 3D SDK supports output in stereoscopic 3D mode on non-3D ready displays using the INFICOLOR 3D output method (anaglyph type of output), as well as Side-by-Side, Top-Bottom mode, HDMI 1.4 frame packaging as well as frame packaging on AMD HD3D compatible hardware. 3D Vision output is still not supported, but this should be the next logical step in the future development to ensure full PC stereoscopic 3D compatibility (only the output on 3D Vision-ready hardware). So far only 8 games have been released using TriOviz For Games 3D SDK for added stereoscopic support, two of which are only supporting the INFICOLOR 3D anaglyph type of output method for use on non-stereoscopic 3D displays.

For more about the TriOviz For Games 3D SDK solution for stereo 3D support in games…

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