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TriDef 3D 5.2 New Feature: Shift One Eye, Dominant Eye

March 26th, 2012 · 3 Comments · Other S3D Tech

The latest TriDef 3D 5.2 (Ignition 3.5.6) software has introduced another interesting new feature that I kind of missed at first and you might’ve as well – the “Shift One Eye” feature. It is something that you might want to play with a bit to see if it will work well for you and that may depend a lot from one person to another.

Traditionally, 3D is produced by shifting the camera viewpoint to the left of centre for one eye, and to the right for the other. With Shift One Eye turned on, the camera will remain in the central position for one of the views, and be shifted to the left or right for the other. This is great for first-person shooters, for example, as it allows you to use the game’s inbuilt aiming system.

The Dominant Eye setting can be used to specify which of your eyes is dominant (this eye will see the unshifted view). According to various sources (listed on Wikipedia) around two thirds of the population is right eye dominant, so we’ve used that as the default setting.

When using Power 3D mode, shifting one eye also improves performance. It’s for this reason that Shift One Eye is turned on automatically if Power 3D Quality is set to “Medium” or “Low”.

In order to be able to test the new feature you need to run a game from within TriDef 3D Ignition, then call up the OSD menu (default key for that is Numpad 0), navigate to the Output menu and turn on the “Shift One Eye” feature, and you can also change which is your dominant eye – Left or Right.

To download the latest TriDef 3D 5.2 software with the Shift One Eye feature…

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DDD Has Released a New Version 5.2 of the TriDef 3D Software

March 21st, 2012 · 2 Comments · General 3D News

Following the release of the TriDef 3D Ignition 3.5 Beta 1 last month, now comes a new official release in the form of TriDef 3D 5.2. The new official version pretty much includes what the Beta release of the Ignition software introduced with a few more updates.

TriDef 3D 5.2 Release Notes:

TriDef 3D Ignition
– Virtual 3D has been improved in terms of both quality and performance and renamed to “Power 3D” (DX 9 only, so far – DX10/11 Power 3D optimisations coming soon)
– Improved DirectX 10/11 game performance (Battlefield 3 in particular)
– Added support for Need For Speed: The Run, SOL Exodus, Unstoppable Gorg, Alan Wake, Trine 2, Microsoft Flight, Torchlight, APB, Tribes Ascend Beta, Blacklight Retribution and various other games
– Improved the following game profiles: Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Sonic Generations, Batman: Arkham City, RayCity and other games

TriDef 3D Media Player
– Fixed an issue which caused 3Di DVDs to playback incorrectly

The DDD TriDef 3D software package enables the viewing of movies, photos and games in stereoscopic 3D mode on compatible hardware, it is one of the two middle-ware solutions (the other being the iZ3D driver) used for ensuring stereo 3D support on AMD hardware (apart from the few games that support natively the AMD HD3D technology), but the software is also compatible with Nvidia-based video cards as well.

To download the latest version of TriDef 5.2 stereo 3D software package…

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