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Torchlight II is Out and Looks Quite Nice in Stereo 3D Mode

September 20th, 2012 · 3 Comments · Stereo 3D Games

The sequel of the action RPG game Torchlight has just been released and the good news is that the game looks very nice in stereo 3D mode mode when player on 3D Vision-equipped PCs. Nvidia has a profile for Torchlight 2 and the game is rated as Excellent, though there is a note that some things render at wrong depth. Generally there are no serious issues apart from the fact that some objects are really rendered at wrong depth for example the character model at the inventory panel, it is more like some annoyances like elements from the HUD such as various info messages popping up that are in 2D or the mouse cursor rendered in 2D. The HUD itself is rendered at screen depth and the nice thing is that you can make it smaller if you are one of the people that wants to get more depth. The default convergence settings are not very much to my liking and I’d tweak them out immediately to allow a lot more depth, the problem with that however is that the relatively rare closeup scenes are not looking good at all. Generally the game looks nice in stereo 3D mode, so you should give it a try, there is a free demo version also available that you can download and test with.

Visit the Official Torchlight II website for more info and to download the demo version…

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