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Official 3D Vision Surround Driver R256 Launch Timeline from Nvidia

May 19th, 2010 · No Comments · GeForce 3D Vision

We now have some additional information from Nvidia, regarding the 3D Vision Surround support in the new GPU drivers version 256. It seems we are going to get an early 256 video driver in a few days (May 24th), but without support for the 3D Vision Surround, just with performance improvements for Fermi-based GPUs (GTX470 / GTX480) and then hopefully by the end of June a new driver release to introduce the much anticipated 3D Vision Surround functionality. Meanwhile all the people that already have bought 3x 120Hz gaming 3D-capable monitors for a Surround experience should have some more patience. The good thing is that when the 3D Vision Surround support comes out it should be stable enough and should work just fine, because Nvidia will have enough time to work out all the possible issues, right?

“I have been talking to a lot of our customers over the last few months and many of the most enthusiastic among them are asking when we’ll have our driver update to support 3D Vision Surround. We’re also get the same inquiries from press folks looking to do reviews of 3D Vision Surround. The fact is we are not ready yet – the surround driver needs some final improvements. When we first showed this technology live at CES in January, we expected this to become available with the first release of our 256 branch driver which was then targeted for April. Our new target for 3D Vision Surround is the end of June in a follow-on release of this 256 driver branch. Our first 256 based driver is planned to post to nvidia.com on May 24th and will enable new SLI setup controls and improve performance on several key applications for GTX 400 GPUs. When we launch the 3D Vision Surround driver at the end of June, we will provide a game list and guidance on how to get the best experience with this cool new technology. I am looking forward to it!” – Tom Petersen, Director of Technical Marketing at NVIDIA.

The discussion about the new R256 drivers over at Nvidia’s official blog…

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GeForce GTX 480 Unigine and 3D Vision Surround Video Demonstration

March 5th, 2010 · No Comments · General 3D News

With the nearing of the official announcement of the new generation “Fermi” video cards NVidia continues to tease us, showing what they can do a bit by bit, this time we have a video demonstration. In the video above Tom Petersen Director of Technical Marketing at Nvidia shows and describes how the performance of GeForce GTX 480 compares to existing solution (ATI Radeon HD 5870). Then highlights the different aspects of the benchmark and how the new GeForce GTX480 cards excel in tessellation, especially when there is more heavy processing needed. Tom also offers a quick peak at how 3D Vision Surround is pushing PC gaming forward at the end of the video by showing for a brief moment a working 3D Vision system with 3x Acer GD245HQ/GD235HZ displays connected to a SLI system with dual GTX480 video cards to enable the 3D Vision Surround.

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