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Safety Geeks: SVI is a Live Action Comedy Show in Stereo 3D Format

January 31st, 2011 · 3 Comments · 3D Movies & Videos

There are still not a lot of TV productions made in 3D format, other than sports broadcasts of course, although there is a lot of talk about 3D television. One of the first shows that already has its first season available in 3D format and plans to have a second season soon, also available in stereo 3D format is Safety Geeks: SVI. The Safety Geeks show was created and produced by Dave Beeler and Tom Konkle, who also play in the show. The first season of the show consists of 11 episodes, and the second season of Safety Geeks will feature star attachments in guest roles and four new series for 2D and 3D media platforms.

Safety Geeks: SVI is the comic adventures of an elite force of safety experts; the P.O.S.H. (Professional Occupational Safety Hazard) team. Obsessed with making the world safer, the CSI-like team investigates accidents to find out what went wrong and who is to blame. P.O.S.H. provides an obscure, well-meaning service – unfortunately, they are a bunch of idiots. The world of P.O.S.H. is very unsafe… largely due to them.

Unfortunately it is still not very easy to get to watch the full season 1 of the show in 3D as it is being distributed only through TriDef’s online store Yabazam which provides the videos in format that can be played only through their TriDef Media Player. And although the TriDef player does support video playback on 3D Vision as well, it is hardly worth it to buy the whole software package just to use the video player and then pay for the full season of the show in the online store. If you are using the TriDef 3D package already on your 3D-capable setup, then things do look differently as you can purchase the full season 1 of the show in 3D for just $9.99 USD. Fortunately there is also a preview episode 1 of the show available on page 3 at the 3DVisionLive video portal, so owners of 3D Vision systems can also sample the show. You can also take a look at the first episode in 3D over at the official series channel at YouTube in 3D. In New Zealand and Australia the show is also available on TiVo 3D on-demand service.

For more information about the show you can visit the official website…

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