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Nintendo 3DS Console Sales Still Not Going As Well As Expected

July 28th, 2011 · 2 Comments · General 3D News

Nintendo has released some financial results that contain some interesting information regarding the sales of their 3D-capable 3DS portable console. For example during the last three months that ended in June 2011 the worldwide sales of the Nintendo 3DS console accounted for 0.71 million units and for the same timeframe Nintendo has sold more than double non-3D portable consoles in the form of Nintendo DS (1.44 million units). The worldwide sales of the bigger Nintendo Wii console were even more with 1.56 million units sold for that quarter, so the 3DS needs to catch up a lot, especially considering the fact that the older products are already available on the market for quite some time.

On the software side, Nintendo has sold 4.53 million games for the 3DS console, as opposed to 12.13 million for the DS and 13.44 million for the Wii console. Of course here the older consoles have the advantage of much larger user base, but it is also up to the number of hit titles available for each console. For example thanks to the game “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D” considered a top game title the number of software sales for the 3DS were just at about 1/3 of the games sold for one of the other platforms which is actually quite good. And in truth Nintendo is blaming the slow hardware sales due to the lack of hit titles for the Nintendo 3DS, which is probably true considering the fact that the interest in 3D is booming and that the 3DS still has no serious competition.

You can find more details about Nintendo’s financial results in this PDF…

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