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GoPro HD HERO2 to Get 24p and Higher Bitrate With a New Firmware

April 17th, 2012 · 2 Comments · General 3D News

GoPro has announced their partnership with Technicolor at the NAB 2012 Show in Las Vegas in order to embed Technicolor’s CineStyle color profile for the debut of the new GoPro Protune firmware this summer. The new Protune firmware for the GoPro HD HERO2 action cameras will also bring support for 24fps frame rate recording, higher 35 Mbps data rate, neutral color profile for better color correction in post-production, log curve encoding offering more detail in shadows and highlights as well as reduced sharpening and noise reduction. The GoPro Protune firmware will be a free firmware upgrade available for the HD HERO2 camera only and will work with the GoPro CineForm Studio without any problems. Using Protune with GoPro CineForm Studio Premium and GoPro CineForm Studio Professional should provide additional benefits, offering extensive color correction controls and customizable presets to create professional, cinematic looks from the GoPro HERO2 captured content. Non-destructive 3D LUTs should provide even more flexibility, enabling users to further tweak their images, manipulate saturation and contrast and color correction controls to create highly stylized content.

There is no word if the Protune firmware will be compatible with the 3D HERO accessory, but there should be nor reason for it not to be. And the 24 fps recording mode along with the higher bitrate would also be a benefit for people using the HD HERO2 action cameras in pairs to record stereoscopic 3D footage. The less additional processing on the input would also be a plus for stereo 3D recording, although there are still some things that need attention when using the 3D HERO adapter in the latest standard firmware for stereo 3D recording in order to have matching exposure and white balance on both cameras for example. Still, can’t wait to see some sample video footage recorded with HD HERO2 using the new Protune firmware…

For more information about the HD HERO2 action cameras from GoPro…

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Technicolor Certifi3D Program and The 15-point 3D Issues Checklist

January 12th, 2011 · 2 Comments · Other S3D Tech

During CES 2011 Technicolor presented and demonstrated the recently launched new 3D certification program, Technicolor Certifi3D, that is designed for broadcasters and network service providers wanting to deliver quality and comfortable 3D experiences to their consumers. The goal of the Technicolor Certifi3D program is to ensure the 3D material meets a specific set of quality requirements before it is delivered to consumers. To ensure that Technicolor evaluates each shot against a set of objective criteria for stereographic reproduction, including a 15-point quality checklist to identify common errors in production, which result in suboptimal 3D content. The image above represents this checklist with some information about each of the most common issues that can lead to problems when shooting 3D content.

The Technicolor Certifi3D service is using a specially developed 3D analysis software that allows the quick and accurate diagnose for the issues that create fatigue and discomfort for the user when watching a not good enough quality stereo 3D content. Using the left and right source masters, the software creates a 3D model in real time, giving an accurate pixel count for objects that are too close or too far away from the viewer, which may result in discomfort, especially for people that are new to watching stereo 3D video. The software can also report no other issues in the 15-point checklist so that the content can be analyzed and the needed fixes can be applied before the video is being shown to the customers. What is good for anyone shooting stereo 3D video is to take a look at the chart, also linked below in a PDF format, so that he can also take into consideration all these common issues, even without specific software, you should be quickly able to spot these with after gaining some experience in shooting and post-producing 3D video.

Download the Technicolor Certifi3D 15-point quality checklist chart in PDF format…

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