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The Game Test Drive Unlimited 2 in Stereo 3D Mode with 3D Vision

February 11th, 2011 · 12 Comments · Stereo 3D Games

Test Drive Unlimited 2 has been out for a few days already and I was able to get it for a quick spin to test how well it will perform in stereoscopic 3D mode when played with 3D Vision. The good news is that there are no serious issues that make the game unplayable in stereo 3D mode, on the contrary the game actually does look quite good by default. With that said I should mention that there is currently no official 3D Vision profile available for TDU2, but the default convergence level is quite Ok and the game can tolerate nicely even 100% depth level for most users. It is interesting that you will not be able to adjust the convergence, so the developer probably disabled that feature in order to ensure better default results, but the game is not being advertised as 3D Vision-ready. Although being able to adjust the convergence could’ve brought more flexibility and better results for some users…

Regarding the not so good things about the game, there are some minor issues with different elements in the menu rendered in 2D mode instead of 3D when you are playing the game in stereo 3D mode. In some modes the crosshair is also rendered in 2D, as well as some in-game elements, and there are also some minor issues with shadow rendering, but they are mostly Ok. Actually most of the things that need some fixing, something that can happen in with future patches for the game, are not when you are driving, but when you are on foot and the game is mostly about driving anyway. Apart from that, the game offers quite nicely detailed and good looking cars, although the environment could’ve been a bit better and more detailed it is Ok. What I did not like is that even at 1920×1080 resolution the game badly needs Anti-aliasing as without it it looks quite ugly due to abundance of jagged edges. Going for the maximum AA of 8x makes things much more pleasant to the eye, although still not perfect, but playing at Full HD with Very High details and 8x AA can be quite demanding for the video card. I’m talking about something like 30-35 fps per eye average framerate with dual GTX 580s in SLI and that means the game can be pretty heavy if you want to push the quality to a good level and play it in stereo 3D mode. You are welcome to share your feedback from playing the game in S3D mode as well…

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