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Street Dance 3D DVD in UK, but With the Wrong Anaglyph Glasses

October 3rd, 2010 · 17 Comments · Anaglyph Glasses

The movie Street Dance 3D is available in UK with anaglyph 3D version, however they’ve mxed up things a bit as reported by Gareth from Stereo3D.co.uk who bought the movie and discovered with a surprise that the video is encoded for red-green anaglyph glasses, but the bundled pair of paper anaglyph glasses is red-cyan. This comes as quite a surprise, considering the fact that the anaglyph glasses are branded for the movie and are packed inside the DVD, so the mistake is not made by the retailer, but most likely is coming from the DVD packaging company that put the glasses for the movie using the wrong color filters. It may come as a surprise to them but not all 3D is equal, and not all anaglyph 3D is the same – there are multiple formats and solutions and you should be very careful not to mix up things like that, because nobody will be happy when the 3D does not work as it is supposed to. And if the 3D does not work because of such mistake and the user is not aware of where the problem comes from, he might as well get bad opinion about the 3D in general… although anaglyph 3D is not the best form of 3D it is still the most widely usable and affordable at least when you match the right color filter for the glasses with the content encoded with the right anaglyph format. This might be just an issue with the UK 3D anaglyph release of the movie, but the problem might as well be bigger, so if you’ve got the movie and have the same problem please do report it here…

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