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Realtime 2D to Stereoscopic 3D Conversion from Live TV Source

December 23rd, 2009 · 6 Comments · 2D to 3D Conversion


I’ve already written about the interesting DirectShow 3Dfier filter that is doing quite well with realtime conversion from 2D video to stereoscopic 3D. After playing a bit more with the filter I was able to make it work with live TV feed coming from a TV tuner, but I had to use the Stereoscopic Player instead of Nvidia’s 3D Vision Video Player as only the first one supports the Live Video mode for use with TV tuners and other video capture devices. That said I should also note that I was able to make things work with NVidia’s player too, but with a bit of workaround which is making it a bit harder and not so convenient. If you use VideoLAN (VLC) for capture of the live stream from the TV tuner to a file and then open the video file in 3D Vision Video Player you are still good to go, but with just a little bit of a delay.


And since the Stereoscopic Player is a multipurpouse stereoscopic 3D video player that supports much more than what Nvidia’s player offers, you’ll have to open the File menu and then Settings in order to configure the player to use 3D Vision as a viewing method.


Then you need to go to the Decoder menu and there under the Video Processor category Add the 3Dfy 2D-to-3D Transformer. This is actually the DirectShow 3Dfier filter (download it here) that is going to be used for the realtime 2D to stereoscopic 3D video conversion, unfortunately as I already said this is not a free filter and has some limitations for use. I still haven’t gotten any response from the authors of the filter…


The last thing you need to do is to open the File menu and form there to go to Video Properties in order to setup the incoming video stream. By default it will be a monoscopic source, but after adding the 3Dfier filter it will be converted into a Side by Side format, so you need to change the Format Layout to that mode. This is the last step in the setup process, what is left is only to open the Live Video stream from your TV tuner. After you do that you’ll have some additional settings for the TV tuner that will be available in the File menu, you need to use these in order to select the TV channel and to configure the TV Tuner. You can also just choose the right settings from your TV Tuner software, select the needed channel and the close the software and open the Stereoscopic Player to have the tuner settings already applied. It might not be the most convenient way, but still you get pretty nice results from this realtime 2D to stereoscopic 3D conversion from the live TV feed. As always if you try this, please report your experiences in the comments below…

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Fly Me to the Moon Trailer in Stereoscopic 3D (720p)

September 7th, 2009 · 4 Comments · 3D Movies & Videos


Fly Me to the Moon is a kids story about three flies that went aboard the Apollo 11 flight to the moon along with the first human astronauts that was first released beginning in 2008, but did not get that much attention. It is still aired in some countries in 3D cinemas, including the one I live in and although quite a bit hard to find, thanks to a guy in Nvidia’s forums we now have a stereoscopic 3D version of the trailer fro the movie. The movie comes in animated 3D and in stereoscopic 3D and although it is rated for kids of 3+ years it is still fun to watch even by adults, especially the ones that are interested in S3D and now with “the right” trailer you can get a nice feel on what to expect from the movie right on your PC equipped with GeForce 3D Vision or some other Stereo 3D viewing setup…


The trailer is in 720p (1280×720 resolution) with the two frames not in the typical Side by Side format, but in Over/Under format. So when viewing with NVIDIA’s Stereoscopic 3D Video Player you need to select the Left image on top and the right at the bottom for optimum results. And please share your experience if you watch the trailer and on what S3D system are you doing it…

For the official website of Fly Me to the Moon Movie
Download Fly Me to the Moon Trailer in S3Dmirror 1mirror 2

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