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sView Stereoscopic 3D Multimedia Player Version 11.03

March 22nd, 2011 · 18 Comments · General 3D News

sView is a free stereoscopic 3D video and photo player that supports most of the popular stereoscopic 3D formats. The software is being developed by Kirill Gavrilov and is available for free for non-commercial use. It uses OpenGL for the 3D visualization, but it also has support for 3D Vision as well as a lot of other stereoscopic 3D hardware such as: different anaglyph glasses, dual or mirror displays, row or column interlaced monitors, DLP checkerboard pattern, the iZ3D monitor, generic shutter glasses, and even the Vuzix VR920 HMD. Something that you may also like is the presence of the player menu even in full screen mode, especially useful when using with 3D Vision as this mode requires you to be in full screen. For example even the latest Stereoscopic Player and the 3D Vision Player still don’t have control menu available when you are in full screen mode. And having the ability to skip forward or return back is something that is often needed as a feature. But in the sView player you also get other options available in full screen mode, they of course hide automatically when not needed, but as soon as you move the mouse they reappear. For viewing stereoscopic 3D photos you need to run a separate executable, but the functionality it offers is pretty similar, it is just limited to viewing photos, and the photo player also supports viewing with 3D Vision.

To download and try the sView Stereoscopic 3D Multimedia Player…

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The New Stereoscopic Player Version 1.6.9 Comes with MVC Decoder

March 19th, 2011 · 13 Comments · General 3D News

The latest version of the Stereoscopic Player 1.6.9 by Peter Wimmer now comes with a built-in AVC/MVC decoder, meaning that you are now able to play Blu-ray content (MPEG-4 AVC) directly from the player, including Blu-ray 3D video files that use the MPEG-4 MVC codec. I should make it clear that this means you will be able to play directly video files from Blu-ray discs, but not the Blu-ray itself like you would do with a fully featured Blu-ray video player. The decoder that is included in the Stereoscopic Player is CoreCodec’s 3D CoreMVC video decoder available as a DirectShow filter that is expected to be available after the release of CoreAVC 2.5 later this month.

The most important new features in 1.6.9:

– Support for *.ssif files of 3D-Blu-ray disks
– Generic viewing methods for autostereoscopic displays (single/multi-viewer)
– Support for MP4, Matroska, Flash and MPEG-TS container formats

Just a reminder that the Stereoscopic Player is a commercial software, and it is time limited to 5 minutes of playback per run version for evaluation without buying a license to unlock it, so you can try the new MVC capabilities. Another important note is that the AVC/MVC decoder that you get with the latest Stereoscopic Player is a 30-day trial version, to continue using it after that, you need to get a license for the player and register it!

To download the latest Stereoscopic Player Version 1.6.9 with MVC support

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Media Portal Plugin for Stereo 3D Video Playback on a 3D HDTV

December 19th, 2010 · 3 Comments · Other S3D Tech

Video PCs or HTPCs have evolved over time from simple tools to play back standard definition videos to 720p and 1080p resolution, so the next logical step for them is to be able to also play back stereo 3D content. Of course the hardware is not the issue here, as it is already quite powerful and capable of handling HD content in 3D format too, so it is more like having software support for easy playback of stereo 3D content on a 3D-capable 3D HDTV. The standalone multimedia players like Western Digital TV, Divco Tvix, Popcorn Hour and a lot of others using specialized multimedia processors from Sigma Designs or Realtek still don’t have the software support for 3D video playback, so you will have to go for a PC for now. The good news is that there is already an user developed plugin for one of the popular media center-like software – Media Portal, that will allow you to playback different format 3D videos with different output modes directly from the software interface. The plugin is called MP3D and is actually a wrapper for the 3dtv.at Stereoscopic Transformation filter that comes as a part of the Stereoscopic Player…

For more information about the MP3D plugin for the Media Portal software…

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