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Stereoscopic 3D Video of a Winter Wedding in Russia

February 28th, 2011 · 1 Comment · 3D Movies & Videos

Here is another short stereoscopic 3D video coming from the Russian studio 3D2010.RU who already got a few 3D videos featured here on the blog a while ago. The new video is also in Side by Side format, 1080p full resolution and shows some nice scenes of winter wedding in Russia, with some things made especially to look better for the 3D shooting, so you can take a look. It seems that lately it has become somewhat of a trend to get your wedding day recorded in 3D format as opposed of just having 2D photos and maybe a short 2D video, so your memory of the important day can be refreshed better at a later time thanks to the additional volume information recorded in the video. The video is also available for directly watching online on YouTube 3D. And as usual don’t forget to leave your comment about the video if you download it and watch it…

To download the short Winter Wedding in Russia highlights 3D Video…

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My Custom DIY Beam-splitter 3D Camera Rig Project Beta Stage 1

January 20th, 2011 · 14 Comments · Shooting in 3D

I’ve been working on a DIY beam-splitter camera rig for shooting stereoscopic 3D video for a while now with the idea to have something built mostly from different computer related parts I have handy in order to lower the total cost of the project as much as possible. With the cheapest professional beam-splitter camera rigs starting at about $3000-4000 USD and going to tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars for the high-end solutions it is quite hard for an enthusiast to start shooting 3D video to experiment or just for fun and to learn from the experience. So it is no wonder that a lot of people start building their own custom rigs, and my idea with this is pretty much the same…

At the moment the first phase of the test rig design is close to its completion, I’m just waiting for the two rails I’m going to use for adjusting the interaxial distance of the two cameras. I’m using two consumer grade HD cameras from Sony that I have, along with a custom modified set of LANC-based remotes for controlling the two cameras simultaneously, a small 50/50 beam-splitter mirror. The total build cost of the initial rough design should be about $100 USD, and as this is just a test project, the next version will probably look and work even better. The simple reason for that is the fact that while designing and building I’m learning on the go and getting new ideas to try, but the idea is still to remain a very affordable and easy to build design.

The idea for this rig is to be portable and light, with the next version planned to be built with parts probably from aluminium. The half mirror size is about 15 centimeters (around 6 inches) in width with the planned interaxial distance available to the user to be about 11 centimeters (around 4.3 inches). This of course is for shooting 3D video of closer objects as for recording landscapes or wider scenes a parallel rig with much bigger interaxial distance is usually a much better choice. After the rig is finished I do plan to also try recording HDR video with the two cameras, but that is a kind of a side project and another option you could use a beam-splitter rig for. The initial rough tests I performed today were quite promising and I expect to soon be able to have the interaxial adjustment rails attached and to record some test footage and post it here.

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The Song We Are The World 25 For Haiti in Stereo 3D Format

November 8th, 2010 · 2 Comments · 3D Movies & Videos

The 25th Anniversary recording of the song “We Are The World 25 For Haiti” features over 80 artists and performers and embodies the same enthusiasm, sense of purpose and generosity as the original recording 25 years ago. Every one of the artists who participated, regardless of genre or generation, walked into the room with their hearts and souls completely open to coming together to help the people of Haiti.

“We Are the World” is a song and charity single originally recorded by the supergroup USA for Africa in 1985. It was written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie, and co-produced by Quincy Jones and Michael Omartian for the album We Are the World. In the years that have followed, USA for Africa has raised and distributed more than $63 million in revenue from the sales of more than 7 million units of the album, single and cassettes, plus nearly 2 million digital sales and related merchandise. Just over half the total was spent on emergency relief (food, medicine, and refugee services) and the balance was used to support more than 500 different relief, rehabilitation and development projects in 18 different countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

This is the stereo 3D version of the song “We Are The World 25 For Haiti” that you can download and watch, it is available in Side by Side format, 1080p half horizontal resolution (squashed), so don’t forget to select 16:9 aspect ratio when you are opening it. And don’t forget to support the initiative to help Haiti

Download the stereoscopic 3D music videomirror 1mirror 2

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