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List of Stereoscopic 3D Movies Available on DVD Video Discs

December 11th, 2009 · 5 Comments · 3D Movies & Videos


A lot of people ask for Stereo 3D movies very soon after they get their hands on some sort of a stereoscopic 3D setup and the demand of such titles has increased since the release of 3D Vision by Nvidia. The reason behind that is “hidden” in the fact that 3D Vision is mainly intended for playing games in stereoscopic 3D mode as this is its main strength thanks to the drivers that can convert almost any normal 3D game into S3D title. As for Stereoscopic 3D movies and pictures, there are still problems with general availability of such content – both user contributed and commercially sold, but thanks to this the user demand is increasing more and more. Next year we’ll probably see a big increase at least in S3D movie availability thanks to the new 3D Blu-ray standard, but this is still in the near future and with the help of consumer digital 3D cameras like the Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W1 and the Minoru 3D web camera, things are starting to slowly move in the the right direction in the consumer segment. There is also some movement seen in among the Adult Entertainment Industry also starting to slowly jump on the “Stereoscopic 3D is the future” thing with new websites offering Stereoscopic 3D porn movies in a downloadable format with HD quality and other stereo 3d adult oriented websites starting to generate more attention from new users of different 3D capable hardware.

What you probably don’t know is that actually there are quite a lot older movies available in different stereoscopic 3D formats that you can purchase on DVD Video discs, although you might have trouble with obtaining some of the older titles. You should be aware that there are quite a few movies available on DVD, but only in an anaglyph format, something that is not very good as these can be watched only with a pair of anaglyph (red-cyan usually) glasses. For best stereo 3D effect you better go for field-sequential movies on DVD as these can be watched on wide variety of supported hardware and these do provide much better results in terms of depth perception and color reproduction compared to the anaglyph only versions. Also you should preferably go for movies that were shot in actual 3D and not titles that were shot in 2D and then afterwards were converted to provide stereoscopic 3D effect. If you own an Nvidia 3D Vision active shutter glasses and a compatible 120Hz monitor/projector or a 3D DLP TV you should definitely go for field-sequential movies which you can watch with the help of the free Nvidia Stereoscopic 3D Video Player for example.

And now back to the question on where to find which movies are available with a stereoscopic 3D version that you can obtain and enjoy at home? There are some lists available on the internet, but one of the most comprehensive and detailed that you’ll find is the Illustrated 3D DVD List that is being maintained by Andrew Woods. This is why I suggest that you start by visiting his website and checking out the list and then you can continue looking for more information and possibly movies that were not present in the list there.

Take a look at The Illustrated 3D DVD List by Andrew Woods…

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3D Blu-Ray with GPU-Acceleration for Nvidia and 3D Vision Owners

December 9th, 2009 · 4 Comments · GeForce 3D Vision


Some good news for the owner of 3D Vision stereoscopic setups that just came form NVIDIA. It seem that NVIDIA has been working closely with the leading movie playback software developers, including Arcsoft (TotalMedia Theatre), Corel (WinDVD), Cyberlink (PowerDVD Ultra) and Sonic (Roxio CinePlayer BD), to ensure seamless support for 3D Blu-ray titles when they are ready to ship in 2010. These software players for PC should be compatible with 3D Vision for watching 3D Blu-ray movies when they become available – first half of 2010 positively thinking or the second half negatively thinking. There should also be a GPU-acceleration in the decoding of the AVC-MVC compression that is going to be used by the 3D Blu-ray discs by compatible GeForce-based video cards. And this is to be expected as in order to achieve stereoscopic 3D at Full HD resolution you’ll have to increase the video data up to doubling the information, which in turn will be making it harder to decompress in real time without additional acceleration. The good thing is that the 3D Blu-ray specifications should be able to take advantage of different 3D display technologies, such as frame-sequential with active shutter glasses like 3D Vision and line-sequential or side-by-side with passive polarized glasses. We are all expecting for the 3D Blu-ray specifications to be finalized by the end of December, but there is still a possibility for delays…

Over the last few weeks, NVIDIA has successfully demonstrated playback of 3D content encoded with the AVC Multi-View Codec (or AVC-MVC), the codec that is expected to become the foundation for how 3D content is encoded onto Blu-ray discs. 3D Blu-ray content encoded in AVC–MVC can be decoded in real time on select NVIDIA GPUs — resulting in a home 3D experience that is equal to or better to what is offered in movie theaters today. NVIDIA GPUs that can decode 3D Blu-ray content include the GeForce GT 240 ($99 U.S. MSRP), as well as upcoming next-generation GF100 GPUs based on the NVIDIA “Fermi” architecture. This will allow consumers to build desktop PCs powered by GeForce GPUs and NVIDIA 3D Vision active shutter glasses for under $1000 in total, making them the ideal platform for watching 3D Blu-ray movies, viewing 3D photographs, browsing 3D Web sites, or playing more than 400 PC game titles in 3D.

NVIDIA will be demonstrating 3D Blu-ray playback running on NVIDIA GPUs and NVIDIA 3D Vision technology at the CES trade show in Las Vegas from January 7 to 11, 2010. If you are visiting CES, you shoudl be able to see 3D blu-ray demo on Nvidia’s booth #35912 in the South Hall 4.

Few days ago AMD also announced that it plans to demonstrate the new Blu-ray 3D standard that is “due to arrive on commercial discs in the second half of 2010”. It seems that AMD has partnered with CyberLink to do a preview of the Blu-ray stereoscopic 3D technology during the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show. But unlike NVIDIA’s 3D Vision, AMD hasn’t got its own stereoscopic 3D hardware to present with and there is no information regarding the availability of GPU-acceleration of the AVC-MVC decoding process on ATI GPUs. AMD will be located in the Grand Lobby (GL-8 and GL-10) of the Las Vegas Convention Center, so you better go and take a look if you are visiting CES for more information.

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