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What do Gamers Want When Playing Games in Stereoscopic 3D Mode

February 9th, 2011 · 15 Comments · General 3D News

According to the results from the U-Decide 2011 survey conducted by the S-3D Gaming Alliance almost all gamers do want to get more and more depth when they play their favorite games in stereo 3D mode. As you can see from the chart above summarizing the results from the specific question about what gamers would want to get in an FPS games when playing in stereo 3D mode, over 90% of the respondents want a lot of depth. And almost 40 percent of them want to also get a little pop-out with almost another forty percent what want a lot of pop-out. Getting a lot of pop-out in a shooter, especially if it is a first-person FPS game, is not easily achievable, because of the position of the gun that usually looks best if at screen depth, but that does not stop gamers from wanting more pop-out. Of course gamers do not want to get a lot of depth and some or also a lot of pop-out effects in stereo 3D mode only in FPS games, but in pretty much any game, unlike in 3D movies where you usually get just a bit of pop-out if any at all and moderate depth. This comes to show that the individual needs and requirement by gamers are a far from what the movie makers think should be used in 3D movies in order to be liked by the general audience and also not to make the people new to 3D feel uncomfortable…

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