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The Game Roller Coaster Rampage With Stereoscopic 3D Support

July 4th, 2012 · No Comments · Stereo 3D Games

If you like Indie games then you might want to check out the game Roller Coaster Rampage, a fast paced competitive roller-coaster simulator with destructive environments and with stereoscopic 3D support. The interesting thing about this game is that it allows you to build your own tracks in real time as you ride them, and this can be a bit tricky if you try to defy the rules of gravity or to run the tracks through some solid objects, but it is also what adds some extra fun when building some extreme rides. The game does come with very decent graphics, but don’t expect too much in the form of very fine details or way too advanced effects, that however does not make it less fun and thanks to the really good native stereoscopic 3D support it is actually something worth playing for a while.

I’ve mentioned native stereoscopic 3D support and the game does support output using 3D Vision as well as Side by Side output, and though you might read that it supports Above/Below mode somewhere it is apparently not present in the latest update. There is no yet an official 3D Vision profile for the game available, but it also doesn’t need one as it works really well even without one, and since the game uses native stereoscopic 3D rendering you have to rely on the in-game menu to tweak the depth and convergence levels as the default 3D Vision keys for that will not work. There are no apparent issues in the stereoscopic 3D rendering and both 3D Vision and Side by Side outputs work very well, though you might want to play a bit with the settings to get the best results. And if you think that you’ll have to go to the main menu of the game to tweak the 3D settings as you don’t have the sliders for Convergence and Eye Separation in the options while playing the game, you should know that you have keys that can be used for these adjustments (9 and 0 for Eye separation and – and = for Convergence).

I’ve noticed some issues with the initialization of the full screen mode on the main screen of the game, though that did not prevent it from working properly in stereoscopic 3D mode and another a bit annoying thing was a strange D3D error showing when exiting the game or switching with ALT – TAB, hopefully these will soon be fixed with an update. Also some options for AA filtering would be nice, although you can force some Anti-Aliasing through the graphics drivers’ control panel to make the game graphics smoother removing all those annoying jaggies as there are quite a lot of objects in the game that could benefit from AA. And where is the option to show the speed in km/h instead of mph?

Roller Coaster Rampage is available on Steam for $9.99 USD or 6.99 Euro, unfortunately there is no demo available that you can try before you decide to buy the game. But if you like Indie games that offer simple and fun gameplay experience and with nice stereoscopic 3D effect on top, then you probably will not be disappointed by Roller Coaster Rampage.

For more information visit the official Roller Coaster Rampage website…

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