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DIY Virtual Reality Rig with Stereo 3D Support and Motion Tracking

April 7th, 2010 · 4 Comments · Other S3D Tech

One interesting DIY project from Gavan Woolery who used a 120Hz 3D-ready Acer GD235HZ monitor (the same as Acer GD245HQ) with Nvidia 3D Vision shutter glasses and TrackIR 5 from Naturalpoint to recreate something that looks like an oversized HMD (Head Mounted Display). Ok, HMD in this project really means attaching a big monitor to your head instead pf the small LCD screens that are usually found in the commercial HMDs that are much smaller and actually look more like a pair of sunglasses (slightly bigger). The end results looks kind of strange, but you should remember that this is a prototype that was built just a as a proof of concept. And while it might not be very convenient to wear the whole thing attached to your head it seems to work pretty good in providing not only stereoscopic 3D image, but also adding motion tracking. Are you starting to get some ideas yourself already? Considering that you can hardly find any up to date HMD with high resolution and motion tracking at an affordable price that also supports stereoscopic 3D mode this project is definitely interesting. You can share your thoughts and ideas about it in the comments below.

You can read more details about the project on Gavan Woolery’s blog…

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