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User Fix for the Water and Sky Issues in Fallout 3 in Stereo 3D Mode

May 13th, 2010 · 2 Comments · Stereo 3D Games

The game Fallout 3 has a stereo 3D profile and is rated as Excellent in the 3D Vision Driver, but in reality it seems that the game is not absolutely problem free when rendered in stereoscopic 3D mode. The user PahnCrd has made a small fix for the Sky box and the water depth rendering in S3D mode for the game, so if you have trouble with these and play Fallout 3 in stereo 3D mode you can try his solution. If you do try it please report on how the fix works for you as it is still in beta and can still have some problem and not be perfect, so your comments can help in further improving the solution.

The 3D Vision sky mesh fix and water settings Beta 1 is available here…

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Playing the Game Silent Hunter 5 in Stereo 3D with 3D Vision

March 8th, 2010 · 3 Comments · Stereo 3D Games

The game Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic is a sequel to the popular submarine simulation series. In this game you’ll be behind the periscope of a German Type VII U-boat with the goal to attack the Allied Forces in different famous battles across the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. in the fifth game you can finally relive the life of a submarine captain from a first-person view completely controlling the crew and the U-boat. You can say that this game is a must for every submarine simulator fan and the good news is that you can take the level of realism even further by playing the game in stereoscopic 3D mode with the help of 3D Vision…

However as of the moment there is still no official profile for the game available in the 3D Vision driver and you need to tweak the convergence by hand in order for the game to be playable in stereo 3D mode. Of course I’ve prepared custom convergence settings that can help you skip the part where you have to find the right settings by yourself, you can download the file from the link below. You should also disable the Environmental Effects from the game Options menu for best results as when they are active you may notice some weird visual defects in stereo 3D, for example in the water waves around the submarine. If shadows look weird and annoy you inside the submarine you may also want to lower them from the Options until they seem comfortable or completely disable them. Also have in mind that during the cutscenes the stereoscopic 3D effect seems to be gone, although they do not seem to be pre-rendered movies, but after they end it is back again. Increasing brightness a bit might help you in night missions when everything is already dark as the active shutter glasses make these scenes seem even darker. As usual please let me know how these settings work for you in the comments below.

To download the custom convergence settings for Silent Hunter 5…

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Aliens vs Predator Multiplayer Demo Fix for 3D Vision Users

February 5th, 2010 · 6 Comments · GeForce 3D Vision


The Multiplayer Demo of scheduled for February 16th release game Aliens vs Predator has been released yesterday over Steam and a lot of people (including myself) tried to play it with 3D Vision. It turned out however that the 3D Vision drivers contain a profile for an older AvP game and load it and that results in totally messing up the image on the screen when you turn on the stereoscopic 3D mode. Turns out that the convergence level is the thing that totally messes up the image on the screen, but even after lowering the convergence with the help of CTRL + F5 key combination the game is not in a true stereo 3D mode…


So I had to figure a way out to fix that by preventing the wrong game profile to be loaded from the 3D Vision driver and this was not as easy as to just rename the AvP.exe file from the Steam directory as this prevents the game from actually being run. So the solution I’ve found is to rename the actual game executable from AvP.exe to AvPx.exe and then add a small launcher that is named AvP.exe that is just calling up the renamed actual game executable file and that did the trick. The 3D Vision drivers no longer detect the game and load the old profile so things look normal, although you might still want to play with settings in order to get best results in S3D mode. To make it easier I’ve packaged the launcher I’m using (Bart’s program launcher 1.2) into a small archive so that after renaming the the original Exe of the game you can just extract the files from the archive below and then just run the game with everything working fine with 3D Vision.

Download the archive with the launcher fix for the AvP Multiplayer Demo…

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