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Sony’s HX800 3D-Ready HDTVs Starting to Appear On the Market

June 20th, 2010 · 7 Comments · Other S3D Tech

Sony may’ve been a bit late, but finally the company is starting to sell more affordable HX800 240 Hz LED edge lit 1080p 3D-capable HDTVs with the more high-end solutions soon to follow (the LX series). By more affordable 3D HDTV I mean that the HX800 is not their top specifications version, also the models from this series (40, 46 and 55-inch) do not come with a built-in 3D transmitter and glasses – you have to purchase these separately. Amazon already has listed the 40-inch Sony KDL40HX800 with a price of $1,889.99, 46-inch Sony KDL46HX800 with a price of $2,306.99 and the 55-inch Sony KDL55HX800 for $2,999.99. There is also the additional IR transmitter that you’ll need to buy separately in order to use the 3D functionality of the TV, this is the Sony TMRBR100 3D IR Emitter and the third component in the form of active shutter glasses is still not available. I’ve seen a live demo of the HX800 and it left pretty good impressions in terms of 3D video playback and the glasses Sony uses were quite well designed and do not block that much light as the 3D Vision glasses for example. From what I’ve personally seen so far my personal preferences are still for the Panasonic Viera 3D HDTVs, but lets see what will Sony offer with its LX series of 3D-capable TVs…

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