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Playing the Game Singularity in Stereo 3D Mode with 3D Vision

July 16th, 2010 · 2 Comments · Stereo 3D Games

Singularity is a first-person shooter developed by Raven Software and utilizing the power and flexibility of the Unreal 3 game engine, but also bringing its issues when played in stereo 3D mode. Set in an alternate present of 2010 (and back in time), where you take on the role of an US Air Force pilot who while investigating an extreme radiation signature, stumbles upon a top secret Cold War era Soviet program, run amok which not only causes monstrous mutations, but also threatens to alter nature of time itself. And being a relatively good person you make a mistake that changes both the past and the present and thus you also get the responsibility to correct your mistake and patch things up as much as possible, or the whole world is really doomed.

So, I’ll start by saying that personally liked the game (played it until the end) and most of the time I’ve played it in stereo 3D mode, partly in order to find the best custom convergence settings as there is no profile for the game already available even in the latest 3D Vision drivers. By using the Unreal 3 engine means that the game will have some issues in stereo 3D mode as most other games using the engine do, and although the Unreal engine got official stereo 3D support it will take some time for the games to start using the latest version of the engine. The typical problems with shadows and lights are here, so you may get some halos around objects with fog or fire or other effects around them to see shadows both in the left and right of an object, so it will look tripled. The HUD is 2D, so you get onscreen messages in 2D as well as the normal crosshair which is also in 2D, but when you zoom in for a closer shot through a gun, then you get a 3D crosshair. So below you may find my custom convergence settings that try to find the right balance to minimize the negative effects that you cannot overcome otherwise as by default the game looks quite flat. Still you should stay on the lowest depth level up to just a few percents above the lowest setting with the custom convergence settings for best results. If you try my settings you are more than welcome to share your comments about them below, just have in mind that they do not fix everything like a miracle and there are still some issues.

Download my custom convergence settings for the game Singularity (32/64-bit OSes)…

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