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New iZ3D 1.10 Release Candidate 2 Drivers

September 15th, 2009 · No Comments · Other S3D Tech


Finally we have a new RC2 version of IZ3D’s drivers after some quite long wait, because the previous RC1 was released in may and the new version is dated 9th September, but was made available online just now on the website. If you are new to IZ3D’s drivers you should know that they do not only provide Stereoscopic 3D support for IZ3D’s monitors using two LCD panels and polarized glasses, but also support quite a few other S3D methods and thus a lot of different hardware including shutter glasses and the free anaglyph mode. Unfortunately the shutter support is still not final and thus is not perfect so the owners of shutter glasses and HMDs like i-Glasses or Z800 will have to wait a bit more (version 2.0 probably, or not?). Anyway, here is what is new in the iZ3D 1.10 Release Candidate 2 Drivers:

Version 1.10rc2 – 2009.09.07
[+] Added profiles for “Call Of Cthulhu DCoTE”, “Call of Juarez – Bound in Blood”,
Drakensang, Rise of the Argonauts, Trine, Tomb Raider Legend, Sims 3, Street Fighter
IV, Flatout Ultimate Carnage, G-Force, Empire Total War, Battlestation Pacific,
Overlord 2, HAWX.
[+] Added Stereo Screenshot and Swap L&R keys to Control Center.
[+] Third-part d3d9.dll support added.
[+] Added additional Side By Side modes (maybe helpful for video recording).
[+] Added gap control between views in Side By Side mode to Config.xml.
[+] Added customizable matrices mode to Anaglyph mode.
[!] Anaglyph output now use normal colors in mono mode.
[!] Fixed Witcher, Fallout 3 profiles.
[!] Improved support fullscreen YouTube video (only on Vista with Aero).
[!] Improved table method.
[!] DX9/DX10 outputs merged.
[!] Added some application to exclusions list.
[!] Improved computability with Steam Community on x64 platforms.
[!] Deferred wizard resource loading.
[!] Enhanced Mouse Lock.
[!] Improved performance with some D3D8 games.
[!] Screenshot button handling improved.
[!] Improved key recognizing in Control Center.
[f] Fixed problems with Runes of Magic, ARMA 2, Rise of Flight, Ghost Busters, Resident
Evil 4, Duke Nukem Manhattan Project, Mini Ninjas, Trine, Terminator Salvation
(mono objects).
[f] Fixed shaders analyzing in Resident Evil 5.
[f] Fixed second window position with StereoMirror output.

To download the New iZ3D 1.10 Release Candidate 2 Drivers…

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