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Good Source for Impressive 3D Demos to Try in Stereoscopic 3D Mode

July 6th, 2010 · 9 Comments · Other S3D Tech

Scene.org is a non-profit organization aimed at providing the “electronic art scene” or the “demoscene” with a forum for communication and for sharing their work in the form of the so called “demos”. A demo is a program that displays a sound, music, and light show, usually in 3D. Demos are very fun to watch, because they seemingly do things that aren’t possible on the machine they were programmed on. A demo is the result of the cooperation of multiple young programmers, music and graphics artists. They work as a group (demogroup) on a demonstration program (demo) in which they show their skills at graphics and algorithmic programming, computer generated graphics and music. With these demos the groups then compete with others at large parties in various competitions all over the world.

Most of the programmers and artists are university or college students who enjoy using the material they learn in real life. The demos they create contain unbelievable pieces of 3D programming and complex routines to create fabulous graphic effects. Some even rivaling computer game industry effects. The graphicians use the newest 3D modeling techniques and make full plans of the graphic layout and design of the demo. So you can easily say that these beauties of multimedia programs stretch the current computer hardware to it’s edges and sometimes even further. These people really know how to use the utter most of the equipment at their disposal. The good news is that most of the more recent demos that are being made for PC and Windows are using Direct3D and they support full-screen mode of course, making them ideal for running in stereo 3D mode. Not all of the demos look great in stereo 3D mode, but a lot of them really look even more impressive then when running in the “plain” 3D mode they were designed for.

Check out the files archive over at the Scene.org for some nice demos…
And here some more information about some of the biggest demoscene events…

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