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Press and Industry Joining Forces to Set 3D Standard

April 25th, 2012 · 4 Comments · General 3D News


Stereoscopic 3D (S-3D) games and displays have been pioneered by the innovations of manufacturers, technology enablers, and game publishers, but despite their success, the concepts of quality assurance, customer satisfaction, and especially the 3D experience are largely divided and inconsistent. Especially for media, the lack of standardized stereoscopic 3D quality and performance benchmarking tools are equally challenging and more often than not the result is in the form of biased and somewhat negative opinions about stereo 3D technology mostly coming from different media. As for technology press, traditional performance and quality benchmarks don’t apply well to stereoscopic 3D products, and standardized tools have yet to be developed in this area and this can really be a problem.

“As a tech journalist who has written articles about stereoscopic 3D hardware and software, I can say from firsthand experience that it’s a complex subject. I’ve seen credible websites post misinformation caused by a lack of understanding, and I think all journalists would benefit from a standardized and objective method of comparing these solutions,” said Don Woligroski, Senior Editor & Technology Reviewer at Tom’s Hardware.

So in order to improve on that the S-3D Gaming Alliance (S3DGA) is forming a Press Steering Team comprised of leading media and industry representatives to jointly define the methods for testing and reviewing 3D games, 3D displays, and related 3D products in a measurable and objective way. Subjective opinions of journalists and artistic choices of the developers will of course remain unaffected, as the goal is to just provide the right tools and methodology for properly testing and reviewing the products.

“Testing standards are a critical step in the evolution of stereoscopic 3D for gaming. With a clearly defined way of measuring 3D hardware and software, developers will be able to improve the quality of their games and players will be able to make informed decisions about what to buy,” according to Philip Harris, Group Technical Director at EA Sports (Electronic Arts Canada).

S3DGA’s consumer arm Meant to be Seen released GameGrade3D in October as a proof of concept. This community driven database measures PC game compatibility with the different stereoscopic 3D technologies offered by Nvidia, DDD, AMD’s HD3D, and others. But GameGrade3D is just one step in the right direction, and building on top of this and providing other similar tools for media to use will benefit everyone interested in stereoscopic 3D technology.

“The goal of game developers is to put the best products they can into the hands of consumers. The press plays a pivotal role in the growth and understanding of new technologies. Having a consistently applied yet evolving set of standards will help consumers and developers avoid confusion, and ensures that expectations can be quantified and met. It will create a win-win situation,” said Alan Price, President of S3DGA and former CTO of Electronic Arts Canada.

The S-3D Gaming Alliance is non-profit and non-proprietary. The 3D industry is welcome to join and participate with this steering team and media participation is free, however membership is subject to approval of S3DGA’s Board of Directors. Preference will be given to publishers with a demonstrated history of covering stereoscopic 3D technology.

You can count me in as I’m already applying for a place in the Press Steering Team. For example I’ve been trying to develop a methodology for testing stereo 3D-capable displays as you can see in the reviews I’ve already published here on the blog as well as for other 3D-capable products, and I can tell you that it is not an easy task for a single person. Hopefully this joint effort will help make things develop quicker and the work done by the Press Steering Team to be really helpful not only for the press, but also for everyone involved in developing 3D-capable products.

Here you can find more information about the S-3D Gaming Alliance (S3DGA)…

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MasterImage 3D Joins S3DGA, a New President of the Organization

August 30th, 2011 · No Comments · General 3D News


The S-3D Gaming Alliance (S3DGA) is considered as the official voice and standards body for stereoscopic 3D gaming and the organization just got another new member which is the company MasterImage 3D, a leading manufacturer of autostereoscopic 3D displays for mobile devices.

“We see stereo 3D gaming as one of the most vital content categories behind the explosive growth of 3D mobile devices and tablets in 2012. S3DGA has already helped us secure 3D gaming content for our display partners, and we plan to work closely on many programs to help make it easier for game developers to launch content across the latest 3D mobile devices.” – Matt Liszt, VP of Marketing for MasterImage 3D.

The S-3D Gaming Alliance also has a new president – Alan Price who up untill recently worked at Electronic Arts Canada as CTO for over four years. He is currently developing a new venture as an interactive entertainment entrepreneur. In addition to being an advocate for S-3D gaming, Alan’s experience in game development, leadership, and business sense makes him the perfect candidate for this role.

“The stereoscopic 3D gaming landscape is evolving rapidly, and there are new emerging ways we can serve our members and help build and sustain this market. I’m looking forward to the progress we can make together, and am honored to serve as S3DGA’s President.” – Alan Price, President of The S-3D Gaming Alliance.

Last but not least, the alliance is getting set for its annual meeting taking place at the end of The 3D Gaming Summit on September 22nd in Hollywood, California. Guest presentations will be made by Sony Computer Entertainment America, MasterImage 3D, Big Blue Bubble, Dynamic Digital Depth, iGO3D, S3DGA, and more.

For more information you can visit the official website of the S-3D Gaming Alliance…

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iGO3D is a Government-Funded S-3D Gaming Initiative in Canada

March 4th, 2011 · No Comments · General 3D News

The Ministry of Tourism and Culture through the Ontario Media Development Corporation’s (OMDC) Entertainment and Creative Cluster Partnerships Fund along with support from Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) in Canada, together with industry and academic partners will provide more than $635,000 in funding to Interactive Gaming Ontario 3D (iGO3D) initiative. The iGO3D initiative’s primary partner is the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT), where Dr. Andrew Hogue, assistant professor, Faculty of Business and Information Technology will serve as iGO3D project leader. In addition to UOIT, additional partnering institutions include York University, the University of Waterloo, University of Western Ontario, the Ontario College of Arts and Design University (OCADU) and George Brown College. Industry partners include The S-3D Gaming Alliance (S3DGA), Electronic Arts Canada, Bedlam Games, Big Blue Bubble, Digital Extremes, Interactive Ontario and Junction VFX.


“Modern 3D video games are designed according to research done on 3D movies and gamer opinion studies are telling us this isn’t the right way to go,” said Neil Schneider, executive director, S3DGA. “Ineffective stereoscopic 3D viewing negatively impacts hardware sales, game sales and ultimately customer satisfaction. iGO3D will provide us with the ability to change all that with repeatable research and direct industry involvement.”

iGO3D’s research efforts will include investigative issues related to comfort, effectiveness, audio and how the stereoscopic viewing experience impacts gameplay from both the player’s and developer’s perspectives. Other aspects of iGO3D’s mandate include development of a game test facility, further S-3D vision and auditory research with a view to establishing game design parameters and disseminating this information to Ontario’s gaming industry through focused webinars and conferences. And while iGO3D was founded as a research platform for stereoscopic 3D games on desktop displays and 3D HDTVs, efforts are in place to add a specialized division for mobile 3D gaming markets on smart phones, mobile gaming devices and tablets. Interested game developers and technology enablers are encouraged to contact the S3DGA for available iGO3D partnership and sponsorship opportunities.

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