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Stereoscopic Player Version 1.5.5 is Now Available

February 2nd, 2010 · 3 Comments · General 3D News


Stereoscopic Player is probably the most versatile software player for stereoscopic 3D content, supporting the playback of 3D photos and 3D videos on a wide array of systems including, but not limited to 3D Vision, iZ3D, Interlaced, Quad Buffered OpenGL and of course a lot of different Anaglyph modes. The player offers an easy to use interface similar to the classic Media Player look and is able to play very wide array of file formats with extensive functionality for configuring file splitters and decoders. The Stereoscopic Player also supports the playback Windows Media Dual Stream S3D files, a format which allow you to see 2D content when played back with a normal player and 3D only with an S3D capable player. There is also an option to capture video from live sources, including a TV tuner for example and displaying it in 3D with the option to process the file over a video filter for example to make 2D to 3D conversion of live 2D TV programs. So this is definitely great to have, especially if you own more than one Stereoscopic 3D solution and/or are an S3D enthusiast. Just have in mind that the player can be freely used, but is limited to 5 minutes playback and a personal license to lift the limit will cost you about $55 USD, but it is worth purchasing it.

In the new version 1.5.5, aside from the normal fixes of some issues, the Stereoscopic Player has added support for QuickTime Video Decoder and Stream Splitter DirectShow filters, MXF Stream Splitter DirectShow filter and MJPEG2000 Video Decoder DirectShow filter to allow more control to the user in terms of what codec to use for different formats. Another interesting new feature is the added JPS descriptor support that will help the player not to ask the user to select the stereoscopic format for JPS files anymore.

To download the latest version of the Stereoscopic Player…

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Nvidia 3D Vision Video Player v1.4.7

September 2nd, 2009 · 6 Comments · GeForce 3D Vision


Nvidia has just released an updated version of their stereoscopic 3D video player designed for use with 3D Vision – both for 3D Vision shutter glasses and the 3D Vision Discover mode (anaglyph red-cyan glasses). With this player you can also watch field sequential DVD Video movies in 3D on your GeForce 3D Vision system. Here is what is new and updated in the latest version 1.4.7:

– Added support for Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W1 multi-stream AVI files.
– Added decoder selection for MJPEG format.
– Changed quality statistics dialog.
– No audio renderer is enforced in the preferred filters list.
– Fixed relative paths in playlists.
– Fixed layout detection from file suffix in playlists.

Download Nvidia 3D Vision Video Player v1.4.7…

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