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Playing the RPG Game Torchlight on 3D Vision Equipped PC

December 13th, 2009 · No Comments · Stereo 3D Games


The game Torchlight is an action RPG for PC made by Runic Games – a team of people that previously have worked on games like Diablo, Fate, and the never-released Mythos among other games. The story of the game is set in the mining town of Torchlight, where players will adventure to uncover the mysteries of the Ember mines. Torchlight has 3 different characters to choose from and offers a fully featured character leveling system, randomized dungeons, hordes of monsters, and gobs of great loot. Torchlight is currently being sold for $19.95 USD. The system requirements for the game are quite low, meaning that it can be played even on a netbook, but of course having a faster PC will help you get the most out if it. The game also has a demo version that is time limited to 2 hours of play…


What you can notice at first when you run the game in stereoscopic 3D mode with 3D Vision is that it looks quite good by default, although there is no predefined profile for the game available. You can increase the depth level even near the maximum and still being able to play in stereoscopic 3D, something, that still cannot be done in most games.


Taking a closer look you’ll notice some details, like the cursor not being rendered in S3D mode and also some texts being displayed over the battlefield seem to be too much in front as is the situation with the HUD. But playing with a normal depth level that should not be a bother for you as the depth is not too much to make it troublesome for your eyes to see both types of objects – the ones in front and the more deeper in the screen ones. As you probably guessed already by default the convergence level offers good depth and no pop-out effect, although you might notice some in the model of your character on the inventory screen.


Another thing you might notice is there is a little bit of ghosting around some lights, but nothing significant to bother you too much while playing. All in all the game Torchlight is very good in Stereoscopic 3D mode and it is quite fun to play, especially if you are a fan of Diablo and other similar games. And there are already some news that there will also be a MMO game developed that will be based on Torchlight in near future by Runic Games, so maybe it will be even better when played in S3D mode.

For more information about the action RPG game Torchlight…

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King Arthur – The Role-playing Wargame Not Good with 3D Vision

December 9th, 2009 · No Comments · Stereo 3D Games


By default King Arthur – The Role-playing Wargame uses an executable file called Launcher.exe which is pretty common, but when you have profile detection based on the executable name things might become messy. Such is the case with this game as it is being detected as Team Apache game by the 3D Vision drivers and of course the Stereoscopic 3D mode is kind of lacking and there are some weird artefacts in the game. The solution is to just rename the executable file so that there will be no 3D Vision profile loaded automatically, which kind of helps in order to get the game normally running, but does not rid you if all the issues…


Without the wrong profile loaded you can control the depth level and have some stereoscopic 3D effect, but as you can see on the screenshot it is still not good enough, which kind of ruins the gameplay (take a look at the water and the black areas around the land). Lowering the detail levels does not help in any way, so the best suggestion is to not even try to play the game in stereoscopic 3D mode and stick to the normal 3D if you want to play it. It is not a bad game after all and probably a lot of fans of this genre will like it, but with good stereoscopic 3D support it would’ve been even better.

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King’s Bounty Armored Princess has a Built-in Anaglyph S3D Mode

November 29th, 2009 · 6 Comments · Stereo 3D Games


King’s Bounty: Armored Princess is an adventure role-playing game in which you play the role of Princess Amelie as she embarks upon a quest to explore the previously uncharted world of Teana. She travels into the unknown in search of her missing mentor the legendary knight, Bill Gilbert, a warrior of wide renown and peerless reputation…


What kind of surprised me running this game and going into its Options screen was to find out that the game has a built in Stereoscopic 3D support, although it is only for anaglyph red-cyan glasses. You can enable/disable the mode from the options and also change the level of depth, although the default settings should be Ok for most people. This means that for playing with anaglyph glasses you won’t need additional software suck as Nvidia 3D Vision drivers in Discover mode or iZ3D in Anaglyph mode, but for other stereoscopic 3D modes you’ll still need additional software.


Although the game has built-in stereoscopic 3D support, I was quite surprised to find out that the mouse cursor is still being rendered in 2D. This is still an issue for some people who do not like that when playing in Stereo 3D mode, so you should be aware of that issue. Also while playing in anaglyph mode with a 2D cursor you might happen to see the cursor doubled depending on its placement on the screen which is kind of annoying.


Other than the cursor issue the game looks quite nice in anaglyph stereoscopic 3D mode as you can also see from the anaglyh screenshots. I’ve also tried the game with 3D Vision, using the shutter glasses and not the Discover anaglyph mode (there is not need for that when you have a built-in mode that works not only on Nvidia hardware). With 3D Vision the game looks very good in Stereoscopic 3D with just some minor problems – the 2D cursor, as already mentioned, along with problems with the water reflections (objects look tripled) and some ghosting of lights, but in overall everything else is Ok.

To the official website of King’s Bounty Armored Princess…

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