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Map of Oculus Rift Dev Kit Users Willing to Demo their Units

March 13th, 2013 · 6 Comments · 3D / AR / VR / HMD


The first Oculus Rift dev kits are about to start shipping any time now and hopefully will be in the hands of many of the Kickstarter project backers by the end of this month (to check the status of yours) some users have started creating an open map in Google to feature the locations where each of them may demo his unit to others in that area that are interested in the product and have not decided to get one or not yet. I’m one of the early backers and am waiting my kit and as soon as it arrives it will also be available for demonstrations to anyone interested who either lives in Bulgaria or happens to pass by Sofia and wants to try the device out, so the 3D Vision Blog’s dev kit is also on that map for demo locations. If you are expecting a dev kit soon as well and are open to demonstrating it to others you are welcome to share your location and info on that map as well. The initial run of produced development kits of the Rift is quite small, so if everyone who gets one helps in demonstrating his unit to just a few other interested persons it can help a lot. After all the people at Oculus cannot demo the device to so many interested people all by themselves, so let us help them with this.

To see the map and check out the places where you would be able to try out the Rift…

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You Can Now Pre-Order the Oculus Rift Developer Kit

September 26th, 2012 · 10 Comments · 3D / AR / VR / HMD

While the people behind the Oculus Rift are currently busy preparing the early Dev kits of the device for all of the Kickstarter backers, they have also started taking pre-orders, mind you it is still for development kits of their 3D-capable HMD device. There is a special page up for the pre-orders of the development kit of the Rift and it will cost you $300 USD if you are baed in USA or $345 USD including International shipping for the rest of the world, the estimated delivery in January 2013 (the kits for Kickstarter backers have priority of course). The first 1000 pre-orders through the dedicated page will also include a free copy of DOOM 3 BFG Edition, the first Oculus-ready game.

Oculus is also looking for talented people in various areas that can help the future development of the Rift, currently they are looking for:

– Art Director
– Senior Web Developer
– Build/Release Engineer
– Senior Software Engineer – Stereo Vision
– Senior Software Engineer – 3D Tools Integration
– Senior Software Engineer – Unity Integration
– Senior DSP Engineer/Scientist
– Engineering Lab Technician
– Component Sourcing Engineer
– Senior Hardware/Firmware Display Engineer
– Senior/Principle Mechanical Engineer

Here you can pre-order the development kit of the Oculus Rift 3D-capable device…

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