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CyberLink Has Released the PowerDVD 12 Video Player Software

February 4th, 2012 · 3 Comments · General 3D News

CyberLink has released the new version 12 of their PowerDVD video player software that also supports the playback of 3D videos and Blu-ray 3D movies. The new version 12 comes with some improvements and new features part of which are related to the stereoscopic 3D support that the software offers. PowerDVD 12 finally comes with support for converting normal 2D Blu-ray movies into stereoscopic 3D format in real time, so you may be able to enjoy some of your favorite 2D movies autoconverted in 3D format (if you are a fan of autoconversion to 3D). PowerDVD 12 also comes with support for 3D videos using the MK3D video format (file container). The new version also lets you choose your preferred 3D viewing method for viewing YouTube 3D videos, and you can also playback 2D videos from YouTube converted in stereo 3D format, using the TrueTheater 3D autoconversion feature of the software.

One more important change with the new PowerDVD 12 software is the stereo 3D support also becoming available to a Pro version of the player and not only available anymore in the Ultra version. The PowerDVD 12 Pro and Ultra pretty much offer the same set of stereoscopic 3D features, although the Ultra version still has some more extra features. Just a reminder that the Standard version of PowerDVD 12 does not have support for any of the 3D-related capabilities of the product and you will not be able to play stereo 3D content with it. PowerDVD 12 Ultra is available with a price of $99.95 USD and the PowerDVD 12 Pro is available for $79.9 USD, and upgrades from previous PowerDVD versions are available starting at $44.95 USD. Not that much reason to upgrade if you already have PowerDVD 10 or 11 Ultra and use it mainly for the playback of Bly-ray 3D or other 3D videos as the the focus this time seems to be placed mostly on extending the autoconversion from 2D to 3D. There is also a trial version available of the player that you can download and try the new features of PowerDVD 12.

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