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Darkest of Days, 3D Vision and PhysX Support

September 11th, 2009 · No Comments · Stereo 3D Games


Lately there is a lot of talk about the game Darkest of Days, because the game is officially available for a few days, looks very good and is even fun to play. And thus a few questions arise, because this is one of the still rare games that come with Nvidia PhysX support and this makes the game look much more realistic for all Nvidia-based video card owners (if they VGA can handle PhysX of course). The next big question is if the game works in Stereoscopic 3D mod with Geforce 3D Vision, but here unfortunately comes a little disappointment – the game uses OpenGL and thus is not compatible with 3D Vision. So we should do with PhysX only for this title and here is a little something that will show you what you can expect if your video card is PhysX capable and if it is not…

Get the game Darkest Of Days here if you don’t have it yet…

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Batman: Arkham Asylum Demo and PhysX Video Show off

August 7th, 2009 · 4 Comments · Stereo 3D Games

Today’s hot topic is definitely the demo of the game Batman: Arkham Asylum, it supports PhysX and is 3D Vision-ready… and the game itself is quite good, at least from what I saw in the demo playing it. And before going to 3D Vision in more detail, lets say something about the PhysX support… or better yet just watch the video above. Having an Nvidia-based video card that supports PhysX technology gives quite a few additional visual features when you play the game (these do work out nice even in Stereo 3D), but you need a high-end VGA to really enjoy all the additional effects. But still… how often do you find yourself looking at the floor for flying pieces of paper while you wall over a dark corridor and expect every moment some enemy to jump on you? Or you just start of breaking stone pillars or tiles on the floor just because you can…? Nevertheless the waving cloth (that you can actually tear?!) the volumetric fog (steam) and flying sparks do look kind of good and really improve the atmosphere of the game while you actually can normally see and enjoy them, without having to look specifically for them (like the tiles and paper). I was a bit disappointed by the PhysX in the demo before seeing this video, because I could not see many differences with PhysX effects on and off. But after watching the video above… and learned what exactly I should be looking at my opinion changed a bit, but just a bit, because I actually had to look for information on what and where to expect from PhysX to get lets say impressed by it, otherwise I kind of missed half of the PhysX advantages. So should this be happening in such a good game with official PhysX support… I don’t think so, but what Do You Think?

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