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New GeForce 306.97, Windows 8 WHQL-Certified Drivers Released

October 10th, 2012 · 30 Comments · GeForce 3D Vision

Nvidia has just released a new video driver version – GeForce 306.97 and what is interesting about this release is that it is also Windows 8 WHQL-certified driver, it will of course also work for Windows 7 and Vista users. The new Windows 8 OS launches later this month on October 26th, so it is almost here and while waiting to see how will Windows 8 influence stereo 3D with its native stereoscopic 3D support we can take a look at what these new drivers bring for stereoscopic 3D gamers using 3D Vision. Aside from official support for the just launched GeForce GTX 650 Ti Kepler GPU and the WHQL status the new driver brings mostly updates for 3D Vision profiles.

Updated 3D Vision profiles for the following PC games:

– Check vs. Mate – Rated Excellent
– Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Rated Good
– Doom 3: BFG Edition – Rated Excellent
– F1 2012 – Rated Good
– Iron Brigade – Rated Fair
– Jagged Alliance: Crossfire – Rated Good
– Orcs Must Die 2! – Rated Good
– Planetside 2 – Rated Not Recommended
– Prototype 2 – Rated Poor
– Sleeping Dogs – Rated Good
– Spec Ops: The Line – Rated Good
– Tiny Troopers – Rated Fair
– Torchlight 2 – Rated Good
– Transformers: Fall of Cybertron – Rated Fair

The most notable thing here is the Excellent rating that the upcoming Doom 3: BFG Edition has received, especially considering the fact that the game should be using an OpenGL-based game engine… and it would be playable on 3D Vision (guess how). There are a few more days until the official release of Doom 3: BFG Edition, it is expected on October 16th in North America and in Europe on October 19th.

Doom 3: BFG Edition is the first game announced to come with support for the Oculus Rift 3D VR headset, the first development kits of which are expected to start shipping some time in November/December. On a side note I just got a request to enter my shipping address for the early DIY Dev kits of the Rift scheduled to be sent to backers of the Kickstarter project sometime in November, so apparently things at Oculus are progressing well.

To download the latest Nvidia GeForce 306.97 WHQL-certified video drivers…

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You Can Now Pre-Order the Oculus Rift Developer Kit

September 26th, 2012 · 10 Comments · 3D / AR / VR / HMD

While the people behind the Oculus Rift are currently busy preparing the early Dev kits of the device for all of the Kickstarter backers, they have also started taking pre-orders, mind you it is still for development kits of their 3D-capable HMD device. There is a special page up for the pre-orders of the development kit of the Rift and it will cost you $300 USD if you are baed in USA or $345 USD including International shipping for the rest of the world, the estimated delivery in January 2013 (the kits for Kickstarter backers have priority of course). The first 1000 pre-orders through the dedicated page will also include a free copy of DOOM 3 BFG Edition, the first Oculus-ready game.

Oculus is also looking for talented people in various areas that can help the future development of the Rift, currently they are looking for:

– Art Director
– Senior Web Developer
– Build/Release Engineer
– Senior Software Engineer – Stereo Vision
– Senior Software Engineer – 3D Tools Integration
– Senior Software Engineer – Unity Integration
– Senior DSP Engineer/Scientist
– Engineering Lab Technician
– Component Sourcing Engineer
– Senior Hardware/Firmware Display Engineer
– Senior/Principle Mechanical Engineer

Here you can pre-order the development kit of the Oculus Rift 3D-capable device…

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Unofficial Dedicated Oculus Rift Developer Community Forum

September 14th, 2012 · 4 Comments · 3D / AR / VR / HMD

We are still far from the time when the first Oculus Rift development kits start shipping (November/December), but the community surrounding this upcoming 3D-capable VR Head Mounted Display is constantly growing. There is already an unofficial dedicated forum about the Rift that will probably be interesting place for the developers that get the initial Dev kits at first, though if you are interested in the device you might want to check it out. For the moment the guys at Oculus are keeping a bit more silent, probably being busy working on the thousands of Dev kits that they need to get ready by the end of the year and in the hands of the developers. And since I’m also interested a lot in the Rift you can expect to have good coverage of the device here, and I do hope to have the chance to share my initial first hand feedback from it as early as November… ;)

To visit the unofficial Oculus Rift developer community forum…

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