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Nvidia 3D Vision Video Player v1.4.7

September 2nd, 2009 · 6 Comments · GeForce 3D Vision


Nvidia has just released an updated version of their stereoscopic 3D video player designed for use with 3D Vision – both for 3D Vision shutter glasses and the 3D Vision Discover mode (anaglyph red-cyan glasses). With this player you can also watch field sequential DVD Video movies in 3D on your GeForce 3D Vision system. Here is what is new and updated in the latest version 1.4.7:

– Added support for Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W1 multi-stream AVI files.
– Added decoder selection for MJPEG format.
– Changed quality statistics dialog.
– No audio renderer is enforced in the preferred filters list.
– Fixed relative paths in playlists.
– Fixed layout detection from file suffix in playlists.

Download Nvidia 3D Vision Video Player v1.4.7…

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NVIDIA 3D Vision Driver CD version 1.11 is Available

August 28th, 2009 · 4 Comments · GeForce 3D Vision


A new official version of the complete kit of drivers aka the CD v1.11 is currently available for downloading on Nvidia’s website. The NVIDIA 3D Vision Driver CD version contains the latest GeForce GPU driver v190.62 WHQL and NVIDIA 3D Vision driver v190.62 for both Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems (32-bit and 64-bit available). The drivers also come with PhysX 9.09.0814 System Software, so that you have it installed and available in the games supporting PhysX. Unfortunately there is not much information regarding what is new and what is fixed in this drivers pack for 3D Vision, besides that it fixes some crashes due to memory leaks and maybe have some improvements in WoW. Andrew Fear has confirmed that: “No new profiles in this release, its just a bug fix release.” Anyway if you haven’t updated your video and 3D Vision drivers lately now is the right time to do it, but if you experience some issues giving you BSOD better go back to 1.10 and wait for an update.

To download NVIDIA 3D Vision Driver CD version 1.11…

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Nvidia’s 3D Vision Discover Glasses are Out in the Wild

August 8th, 2009 · No Comments · Anaglyph Glasses


Finally Nvidia has raised the curtain and the 3D Vision Discover anaglyph glasses are a “secret” no more as you can see on the picture above of the real thing. They do not seem much different than normal paper anaglyph glasses, although the color filters do seem to be quite bigger, which should be a nice thing. Also maybe there is some improvement in the two color filters for better results or at least Nvidia states so, but still somebody has to confirm this by comparing both type of glasses. Also there is a page with more information on how, when and where you can get a pair of the 3D Vision Discover Glasses that you can use to experience games in Stereo 3D without having to invest too much into hardware. In general there are two way you can get the anaglyph glasses: either bundled with NVIDIA GeForce GPUs from participating etailers and authorized board partners or from upcoming trade shows and events where Nvidia will be present and handing out the glasses (only in the States so far). All that you need to try 3D Vision Discover in anaglyph stereo 3d is an Nvidia-based video card (GeForce 8 or later), 3D Vision drivers and of course the 3D Vision Discover glasses. This will give you a good idea of what you can expect from the much better 3D Vision shutter glasses that do require a big investment in specialized shutter glasses and display or projector that is 3D Ready. Of course anaglyph is still nice, but you don’t get good results in color reproduction and this is something that messes quite a lot with the actual fun you get playing in Stereo 3D mode…

To learn where and how you can get a pair of 3D Vision Discover glasses…

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