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Anomaly, a Paranormal Stereo 3D Show Coming in Early 2011

November 24th, 2010 · 3 Comments · 3D Movies & Videos

A new television series called Anomaly will be exploring the paranormal in 3D starting early next year and apparently this will also be the the worlds-first 3D television program to focus on the paranormal and unexplained phenomena. What will be quite interesting is that the show will use 3D night vision cameras in order to better immerse viewers in some quite unusual and frightening locations. And as we all know darkness is an enemy of the good 3D, as you need light in order to bring out the details tat make it easier to distinguish the depth of objects. Of course shooting with night vision cameras means using infrared light and shooting with infrared sensitive cameras and that results in black and white (or B/W with a green tint) footage. The show‒s format will be a docu-reality with a length of 1 hour for each episode and there is even some preview footage already available in both 2D and different 3D formats available for you to get an idea what to expect from the show.

The preview material is probably quite rough and hasn’t been properly processed yet, so you should not judge the final 3D quality you will get just from that early preview. In the early footage you can notice some extreme separation at times, some stereo window violations, a bit shaky camera at times although that may as well be on purpose and some very fast cuts with big difference in depth between the different scenes. There is one kind of really creepy scene with a mirror shot with infrared camera that kind of looks weird as normally when you see a reflection in the real world (mirror, water etc.) you don’t try to find depth as you know this is a reflection and has no real depth, but on video you may try to actually see depth… however when shooting in dark conditions with IR light source and in black and white spectrum you might actually not recognize a mirror and that makes it quite creepy as it seems more like a hole with something happening inside (50th second+). I was a bit surprised to actually find night footage that was left with the greenish tint and some that is probably processed to be in black and white, or maybe the difference is coming from the cameras being used for the different footage, but then again this might also be left out intentionally like that.

Anomaly will premiere in early 2011 on Next3DTV, an internet-based 3D video-on-demand service, with broader distribution expected to follow. The first season will focus on the most reportedly haunted locations in the world. “You’ve gotta fish where the fish are,” said Jack Kassewitz. “We’re going to capture as much evidence of the paranormal as we possibly can, and we’re bringing our viewers along for the ride.” The show is made by Majestic 7 Media Partners who are developing episodic and documentary properties for the emerging 3D television market.

To see the Anomaly preview footage in both 2D and stereo 3D in different formats…

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Intreview with NEXT3D at CES 2010 about Their NEXT3DTV Services

January 12th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Other S3D Tech

Neil Schneider from MTBS3D.com did another video interview at CES 2010, this one features David Cole and DJ Roller, Co-Founders of NEXT3D. What is interesting here is that the company plans to launch its Next3DTV service – a broadband-delivered stereoscopic 3D HD video download beginning in the first quarter of 2010, so this means pretty soon and even before Blu-ray 3D titles start to appear. Next3DTV is supposed to offer a variety of stereoscopic 3D content, including theatrical 3D movies, films originally created for 3D IMAX theaters, movie trailers, sports, news, documentaries, live 3D weather maps, and games. Additionally it will offer user-created content channels for stereo 3D enthusiasts to post and share stereoscopic videos and still images. Movies, special events, games and other premium content will be offered on a rental basis (you’ll not own the content), while some of content will be free for everyone. One of the first announced big content providers for Next3DTV is Turner Broadcasting System with others probably soon to follow.

Next3D has Stereoscopic 3D Full high definition encoding and player technology for nearly every platform: PCs, Mac, Xbox 360, PS3, Blu-ray disc and television set top boxes. Content encoded with Next3D’s enabling technology delivers full stereoscopic 3D in 1080P high-definition to the home over a broadband, cable or satellite TV connection. Next3DTV will be initially available for PC’s, with support for Mac, game consoles and select set top boxes to follow. For PC users, Next3DTV will support 3D Laptops, most NetTop PCs, and modern PC’s with NVIDIA or ATI video cards. During CES 2010 the technology has been demonstrated on NVIDIA 3D Vision System. So far in theory everything sound very good, but the gaming part is still not very clear as well as the international availability of the content and of course the pricing, because of the content rental and you not actually purchasing and owning the 3D content. An affordable monthly subscription plan, just like a cable TV, with access to all the content along with good and always fresh stereoscopic 3D content might make things very interesting for everyone.

For more information about the NEXT3DTV S3D Video Download service…

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