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Playing the Game Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2010 in Stereo 3D Mode

November 17th, 2010 · 15 Comments · Stereo 3D Games

If you, like me, had high hopes for the new Hot Pursuit 2010 game from the Need for Speed series and expected the game to perform great in stereo 3D mode with 3D Vision, then you’ll be a bit disappointed. The PC version of the new Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2010 game is clearly a console port and that brings some limitations as with other such ports, so here are a few things as an example in the case of the new NFS: not the best possible graphic details, frame limit at 60 fps, crappy default controls, not very extensive in-game options, no AA control (could not force it through the NV CPL too) etc. The game itself is not bad, but nothing spectacular in my personal opinion, although I still haven’t played it a lot and I can’t yet draw an overall conclusion about the game itself, but so far I’m not very happy with what I’m seeing. One thing to note is that there is no in-car cockpit view available, but this is probably due to the fact that in the new NFS we are getting back to the classical arcade style, instead of trying to move the franchise in the field of car simulations.

The game does not yet have an official 3D Vision profile and the default settings do not work well, so you will have to play with the options for convergence, below you will find my custom convergence settings that you may try and see if they work well with you too. The custom convergence settings are made for use with low to medium depth levels, because going too high may create issues with the rendering of some 2D game elements. There is also some ghosting more visible around the clouds and some other areas with high contrast, but that also may vary a lot on the type of 3D display you are using. The game itself renders pretty well in stereo 3D mode with 3D Vision actually and the only bit more serious issue is with the rendering of the shadows and disabling them from the in-game menu does not help at all. So you will have to the game config file and edit it to disable them manually and you can do that by going into “Documents\Criterion Games\Need for Speed(TM) Hot Pursuit” and opening the configuration file called “config.NFS11Save” with a text editor such as Notepad. Then you will just have to set “ShadowMapLevel=0” to disable the problematic shadows.

Download the custom convergence settings for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2010…

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