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The 3D Hype Bubble is Completely Busted and That is a Good Thing

July 17th, 2012 · 8 Comments · Other S3D Tech

The talk about whether stereoscopic 3D gaming is dead or will die soon continues, I’ve already shared some thoughts on that topic, however there is another interesting article by Neil Shneider from MTBS, published on Gamasutra, that you might want to check out. Neil also does an overview on what and how things are developing lately in regards not only to Nintendo, but stereoscopic 3D gaming and 3D in general, the most important thing however is the conclusion he makes. The fact that the 3D hype bubble is now completely busted as some media is claiming is actually not a bad thing according to him, and I can say that I agree as well, especially considering that too much hype can make things go the wrong way and we’ve seen that happen with 3D in some aspects already.

Bursting the 3D hype bubble is actually not a bad thing, because now people interested in stereoscopic 3D gaming and 3D content in general should be able to get a more clear view without too much hype surrounding it. And most of all the focus will not be the hype surrounding it and everyone thinking that all things 3D are great and deserve the attention and your hard earned money. With everything stereoscopic 3D things follow the same principle as with everything else – something new and trendy gets a lot of hype, but that does not make it good for sure, or bad for that matter. And when you remove the all the hype surrounding it, things become clearer and easy to judge, is it good or is it bad. Not to mention the fact that when 3D is not surrounded by too much hype, the companies and individuals interested in making a quick profit, exploiting the 3D hype should also disappear or at least become a lot less. Now, it is a completely different thing if other big companies that are producing good stereoscopic 3D content and products get scared by the lack of hype surrounding 3D and leave that market, this can indeed be a bad thing, but this is not even close to happening as we can clearly see. So stereoscopic 3D is here to stay, it will not be gone overnight as some people may think, and the users interested into stereoscopic 3D gaming are just getting more and more.

More about why it is actually a good thing that 3D hype is starting to wear off…

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Don’t Miss Meant to be Seen’s Birthday Bonanza Contest

May 15th, 2012 · No Comments · General 3D News

If you still haven’t entered in Meant to be Seen’s Birthday Bonanza Contest for the website’s 5th birthday, don’t miss your chance as to do so and maybe ween some cool 3D prizes. The contests was supposed to end today, but it has been extended by a week and the end date is Monday, May 21st, so do take a look at the website for more information if you still haven’t done so.

Here you can find more information about the contest being organized by MTBS…

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MTBS With Improved Universally Accessible Stereo 3D Photo Gallery

March 26th, 2012 · No Comments · General 3D News

One of the most annoying things when viewing stereo 3D photos online is that most of the time you have to actually save the photo locally on your computer and then open it with a 3D photo viewer. There are of course some exceptions such as when viewing anaglyph images, or using dedicated website for some specific 3D Viewing solution such as 3DVisionLive.com for 3D Vision, and there are some new alternatives also appearing. MTBS has updated their image gallery (few thousand photos, mostly 3D game screenshots) with the ability to view the 3D photos (not all photos in the gallery are in 3D) directly online with all the major solutions in the market including AMD’s HD3D, Nvidia 3D Vision, interlaced, DLP, dual-output (projectors), anaglyph, and more. You’d need to download an alpha version of sView and use the stereo 3D button below an image to view it without having to download it (3D only in full screen for now for AMD HD3D and 3D Vision). The only limitation in getting this to work for you is that you must be using Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Opera browser – Internet Explorer isn’t supported yet.

Read more about MTBS’ gallery update and how to view the 3D photos inside it…

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