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MTBS-TV Episode V and VI: S-3D Gaming History Series Concludes

June 15th, 2010 · No Comments · Other S3D Tech

Neil Schneider from MTBS finishes the history lesson about stereoscopic 3D gaming with the last two episodes of the series available in stereo 3D on YouTube 3D, so if you’ve been following the series you’ll find the last two episodes also quite informative and interesting…

In Part V Neil talks about modern console gaming in 3D and how it all got started. The video also features a lot of 3D game footage. Of course Focused on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles, along with some of the game titles for them that have support for stereo 3D gaming like Avatar The Game and Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao.

In the final Part VI of the series Neil talks about the leading challenges that have and continue to face 3D gaming. More about how the idea about MTBS started and where the website is nowadays. He also talks about the leading initiatives to make 3D gaming a long term success like S3DGA.

And don’t forget to visit MTBS if you haven’t done so yet…

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MTBS-TV Episode Part IV: Early Stereoscopic 3D Console Gaming

June 2nd, 2010 · 2 Comments · Other S3D Tech

Stereoscopic 3D gaming on the PlayStation 3, XboX 360, and Nintendo 3DS is going to be really cool if/when it becomes available on these consoles, but before showing us the current S3D state for up to date consoles, lets get back to the beginning of the technology with the consoles. Would you believe that all these consoles owe their 3D roots to gaming technology that dates back over twenty years? Learn about the first experiments in stereoscopic 3D console gaming and the lessons learned with products like SegaScope 3-D or Nintendo’s Virtual Boy that were pioneering the technology, but did not become big success. Keep watching this 4-th episode of the S3D history lessons, because console is just as controversial as S-3D PC gaming as Neil Schneider from MTBS will explain to you. And Neil promises that in Part V he’ll cover the modern stereo 3D gaming for consoles, so stay tuned for the next episode…

And don’t forget to visit MTBS3D if you haven’t done so yet…

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MTBS-TV Episode: Stereoscopic 3D Gaming History, Part III

February 15th, 2010 · No Comments · Other S3D Tech

Neil Schneider from MTBS started telling the histtory of the stereoscopic 3D gaming in the form of a YouTube 3D video, then in the second part of that video he continued with more recent development around S3D gaming. This time, in the third part, Neil is talking about what happened in the last two years – things like Zalman Trimon 3D monitors being launched with Nvidia stereoscopic 3D drivers, updated only to work with this monitor. iZ3D and DDD extending their driver support for additional hardware, but they still did not offer shutter glasses support. Then Nvidia demonstrating their new 3D Vision shutter glasses along with a 120Hz LCD monitors and new 3D drivers. And at the end he also mentions that other companies are already working on alternatives like for example Bit Cauldron’s upcoming shutter glasses.

And don’t forget to visit MTBS if you haven’t done so yet…

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