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BenQ has 6 New 3D Ready DLP Projectors Already Available

October 27th, 2009 · 26 Comments · GeForce 3D Vision


Today, almost accidentally I’ve learned that BenQ has released 6 new DLP projectors on the market that are 3D Ready, meaning 3D DLP Link compatible (active shutter glasses), meaning that they should also be 3D Vision compatible. Now what the hell did BenQ do (or actually didn’t do) so that the word regarding its new interesting 3D-capable projectors didn’t get out and not a lot of people know about them about two weeks after their announcement and they seem to be already available on some markets? They did a release of the type “by the way” not focusing on these projectors and their 3D capabilities at all and that just because they’ve labeled the projectors as models suitable for Education…

The six new 3D Ready models from BenQ are the standard throw MP626, MP670, MP776, MP777, and the ultra short-throw MP772 ST and MP776 ST. They are all with native XGA resolution or with other words 1024×768 pixels (4:3 aspect ration, not wide) with brightness ranging from 2500 do 4000 ANSI lumens. As I’ve already mentioned BenQ labeled these projectors as suitable for educational purposes, just mentioning that they do have 3D capabilities that are good for illustrative needs in schools etc. Ok, this may be nice, but considering that these projectors start at quite affordable price, although a bit more expensive than the ViewSonic’s similar models, things may start to look good for all the 3D enthusiasts out there.

Checking through BenQ’s website I could not find a lot of details regarding especially the 3D capabilities of the projectors, but from what little info I could find and after looking through the manuals of the above six new models I can conclude that these are based on the same DLP technology that the ViewSonic models I’ve written about use. This of course means 120Hz refresh rate and active shutter glasses that will separate the frames to 60 per eye, so that the brain can build the stereoscopic 3D image from the two frames showing a bit different view. This of course means that the projectors should also be compatible with Nvidia’s GeForce 3D Vision, but I still don’t have access to any of the new models to test it myself, but in general you should be able to get 120Hz refresh rate by using the analogue DSUB15 connectors. Then in the 3D Vision driver setup you should choose CRT display and you should be able to start enjoying videos, pictures and of course games in stereoscopic 3D on the big screen provided by these projectors. Unfortunately I still don’t have access to any of these new models, so that I cannot confirm their 3D Vision compatibility at 100%, but it should be there…

Update: I just got a confirmation that BenQ MP670 does indeed work with GeForce 3D Vision form someone that already has the projector (although they are not officially certified as 3D Vision compatible), but there were some problems getting the projector to work at 120Hz. So it was needed to force it at 1024×768 resolution with 120Hz refresh rate in order to make it work, but no problems after that, otherwise only up to 60Hz refresh was selectable. So the other 5 new 3D Ready projectors from BenQ should be compatible too, but you can expect having trouble setting them up, so be prepared for problems!

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