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Mitsubishi Diamondcrysta RDT233WX Passive 3D Monitor With IPS Panel

April 27th, 2011 · 7 Comments · General 3D News

Mitsubishi just announced a 23″ Full HD 3D monitor with IPS panel and LED backlight that uses passive polarization and passive 3D glasses, just like with the new LG Cinema 3D monitors, expected to be available in Japan starting May 30th. The monitor is with a native resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, 3.8ms response time (Gray-to-Gray) and maximum brightness level of 250cd/m2 in 2D mode and 100cd/m2 in 3D, the contrast ratio is 1000:1 standard and up to 5000:1 dynamic. The Mitsubishi RDT233WX-3D monitor comes with two HDMI 1.4 ports, one DVI-D and DSUB 15 VGA connector, there is also a one D5 connector (component input used in Japan for different AV devices). The presence of the D-Terminal or D-tanshi analog video connector on this display probably means that it will be available only in Japan, so don’t get your hopes too high in getting the product in Europe or North America yet.

Thanks to the IPS panel used in this 3D display the viewing angles in 2D mode should be up to 178°, however when you put on the passive polarized glassed the vertical angle gets significantly reduced up to about 12° for best results in 3D mode. Due to the use of passive polarization approach in 3D mode you will be getting just half of the horizontal lines (vertical resolution) per eye, meaning 1920×540 pixels per eye, this is something that you should be well aware of as it is not the same as perceiving two full 1920×1080 frames. Also with this display, the maximum refresh rate you can use is 60Hz and not the 120Hz refresh that you can get in 2D mode with 3D LCD monitors using active shutter glasses.

Thanks to the HDMI 1.4 interface you should be able to use the monitor with consumer electronic devices supporting 3D like the PlayStation 3 console, however I’m not too sure how good games will look like on it as the PS3 outputs 720p 3D resolution and that may mean 1280×360 resolution per eye scaled… I still haven’t seen PS3 on a Full HD display with passive polarization in 3D. Mitsubishi does not mention anything about bundling of middleware for playing PC games in stereo 3D mode, apparently they target this display mostly for multimedia use. However thanks to the use of passive polarization technology you should not have trouble using the display with the iZ3D Driver or with DDD’s TriDef Software as they both support this kind of output for gaming in stereo 3D mode on the PC.

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