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MTBS-TV Episode: Stereoscopic 3D Gaming History, Part I

December 8th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Other S3D Tech

Join Neil Schneider from MTBS talking about the stereoscopic 3D history in this about 10 minutes long video… he is explaining a lot of interesting facts about the pioneers from Metabyte, NVIDIA, iZ3D, and DDD and what is their part in the stereoscopic 3D technology development. The video was shot with Minoru 3D webcamera and is available in stereoscopic 3D format on YouTube, but you can also download it to watch is on your PC with 3D Vision for example. And don’t forget to watch the next part of the video next week… ;)

And don’t forget to visit MTBS if you haven’t done so yet…

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Minoru 3D’s Webcam Anaglyph Glasses Quick Test

September 8th, 2009 · No Comments · Other S3D Tech


Today my Minoru 3D web camera has arrived so you can expect a more detailed review of the product pretty soon, but before heading to the camera I decided to test the paper anaglyph glasses that come with the camera. With Minoru 3D you get 5 pairs of paper anaglyph glasses that are a bit different than the normal white glasses that are most widely spread, but after doing some tests they seem to provide pretty much the same results. The only big difference is the size of the color filters in the glasses that come with the webcam, they are a bit wider which does help when using widescreen displays, especially when using 16:9 ratio screens. There is also a very slight difference in the color of both the red and cyan filters on the two types of glasses, but there is almost no visible difference on what you see when viewing anaglyph images with both types of glasses. So if you buy a Minoru 3D web camera you can share some of the anaglyph glasses with friends or relatives so that they will be able to see you in Stereoscopic 3D when you are using the webcam. But they will be also able to use the glasses with the free Nvidia GeForce 3D Vision Discover mode on their computers for S3D gaming, provided that they do own a good Nvidia-based video controller…

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Minoru – The Worlds First Consumer 3D Webcam

September 1st, 2009 · 3 Comments · Shooting in 3D


Minoru (meaning Reality in Japanese) is an interesting product in the form of a web camera that uses two lenses and two CMOS sensors in order to be able to take Stereoscopic 3D pictures and videos. The camera is not much expensive than a good normal webcam and even looks cute and a bit strange especially while sitting on top of your monitor, but that makes it even nicer…


The camera is supposedly very easy to setup and use in both normal 2D mode (just like a normal webcam) and in 3D mode, where it can output and record not only in the most commonly used Anaglyph mode, but also Side by Side and Row Interlaced mode. This means that you can produce S3D images and videos for easy viewing with anaglyph glasses or with other more expensive and providing better results products and technologies such as Nvidia’s 3D Vision or IZ3D’s Monitors. When taking video you can use up to 1280×480 resolution (Side by Side for 640×480 in stereo 3D mode) with 15/30fps, but for achieving good results at 30 frames per second you’ll need good lighting around you. The software is Windows only (seems to be frequently updated), but there is something going on for Linux support too. The recommended price of the Minoru 3D Webcam is $89, 50 pounds or 80 euro, depending on where i the world you live, which is pretty affordable, so I’m going to order one of these and try it out pretty soon. With the camera you also get a 5 pairs of anaglyph glasses, bit I’m actually more interested in producing videos for viewing on the 3D Vision… ;)

To get the Minoru 3D Webcam if you don’t have it yet…
To view some anaglyph demo videos taken with the Minoru webcam…

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