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Stereoscopic 3D Trailers of Two New 3D Relaxing Nature Movies

December 16th, 2011 · No Comments · 3D Movies & Videos

A while ago I have posted a short 3D video from the mountain Bükk in Hungary in dual-stream WMV format and now the guys that made it (3d-video.hu) share two more stereoscopic 3D trailers of relaxing nature videos in 3D that they have shot. The first one embedded above in YouTube 3D format is called Mystic mountains of Austria showing some really nice places from the Austrian mountains.

The second new 3D video is called Living Nature and it shows some really nice spots demonstrating the beauty of Hungary’s nature in stereoscopic 3D. Again an embedded YouTube 3D trailer of the full movie and below you can also find links for downloading the two stereoscopic 3D trailers in MPEG2 format, 1080p Side by Side with half horizontal resolution (squashed), so don’t forget to select 16:9 aspect ratio when opening them in the 3D Vision Video Player or the Stereoscopic Player. Really nice work in stereo 3D and if you like the trailers you can order the full stereo 3D movies from them for $18 USD each, and you would be able to download them.

And a bit more details about the making of these movies in 3D…

With the music composer Szabolcs Kövi, we started nature filmmaking in 2004, called Relax DVD series. These movies contained just the beauty of nature with music, without any spoken word. These are not travel films, instead relaxation films. First 4 films were taken with regular SD cameras, but the 5th, the “Magic Forest” was the first created with 2 cameras side by side. It was 2009, at this time only few 3D films was available, so many people saw our film. On Youtube I’ve got 300.000 visitors now.

I have used 2 Canon HV10 camcorders, because of the slim size, so that I can set the interaxial distance to 6cm minimum. I like this natural 3D effect, big films often use a lot smaller base, so less depth on monitor/TV. I know this is because a separation which is good for computer monitor sizes would be too big for cinema screens. However, my films aren’t for big screens, instead for 3D TVs and projectors. And with these devices the depth is a lot more! Back to the recording.. Many people asked how did I synchronize the cameras. Well, HV10 does not have a LANC port, so we tried to sync by using something else. The composite video output also carries a sync signal, so we only have to make a circuit that show the 2 video output sync with LED. If the LED was red, it means bad sync, and I have to switch one camera off and on, hoping that I have more luck with sync. After 4-5 power on-off cycles and I always get green LED blinking, so the take was in sync. Fortunately, for this type of movies, 100% precise syncing is not needed. For slow pans, zooms or steadicam syncing only in post was enough. I use Sony Vegas, I like the 3D capability, and MVC rendering for 3D Blu-rays.

Magic Forest recording needed about 3 weeks in mountain Bükk/Hungary. I played a great game when going to nice places with a GPS: Geocaching! So it was fun but also tiring going up to a mountain alone with cams, tripods, etc. I always considered how cool would be all this on a projected 3D screen. And yes, it’s really gorgeous. In 2010 we were in Austria for 5 days, and made the next big 3D film: the Mystic Mountains of Austria. It was a holiday, but what a fatiguing holiday. Again, every place was planned carefully, so we rarely had spare time. Salzkammergut, Hallstatt, Icecave, Gosau-Golling-Krimml waterfalls, Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse – everyone has to see it! In 2011 I made another 3D film in Hungary for a German publisher. The places were near to me (Gerecse, Vértes, Pilis mountains), so it was a little easier, I was familiar with the landscapes, the routes, etc. This time I liked to film more animals: horses, birds, swans and even one fox is in the film! In summer I even bought one RC quadrocopter for making cool aerial footage. Then I realized controlling this bird smoothly is not easy, so first I practice with simulator, and in early 2012 cool 3D aerial footage will come – I hope.

To download the Mystic mountains of Austria stereo 3D trailer…
To download the Living Nature of Hungary stereoscopic 3D trailer…

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