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LG Electronics has Officially Joined the S-3D Gaming Alliance

December 23rd, 2009 · No Comments · General 3D News


Some good new for Christmas, it seems that LG is also very interested in the future of stereoscopic 3D game development with LG Electronics officially becoming a member of the S-3D Gaming Alliance. Now, if you remember not long ago there was an official announcement that LG Display is ready with 23″ 120Hz 3D-ready LCD Panels with Full HD resolution, although we are still yet to see the fist monitors utilizing these new panels. Also it seems that LG already has some 3D-ready HDTVs available, but only on the Korean market so far and we are hoping to have them soon available in other markets too.

To the official S-3D Gaming Alliance website for more information…l

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LG Display Rolls Out 23″ 3D LCD Panels with Full HD Resolution

December 4th, 2009 · No Comments · General 3D News


LG Display has just announced the world’s first commercial launch of 3D LCD panel boasting full HD resolution. The new product is a 23-inch 3D monitor LCD panel for use with shutter glasses (120Hz) that delivers full HD resolution (1920×1080) and according to the manufacturer it offers picture quality that is almost twice as crisp as HD 3D displays currently available in the market (and there are not many of these). And as you can see from the picture above the new panel is 3D Vision compatible and it should as well work with other shutter glasses…

The new panel adopts the company’s proprietary technologies such as “high performance 3D exclusive controller” capable of processing more than twice as much image data as other HD 3D LCDs and “copper bus line” to improve on the resolution and picture quality (marketing in action). In addition, the panel is able to reproduce both 2D and 3D images, meaning that users can switch back and forth from 2D and 3D modes, just like with other 120Hz panels already available on the market.

Now you should note that LG is talking about a 3D-capable LCD panel, not monitor… of course they’ll have the panel available in some of their monitors probably along with other manufacturers that use LG panels in their products. However we probably won’t see any displays utilizing this new LG panel before early next yar, and the official information from LG does not mention anything regarding release date for consumer products based on the panel or prices… even the specifications of the new 23″ 120Hz panels are still not being announced. But if you are that eager to get a Full HD display, although not a 23″, but 24″ you can opt out for the recently announced Acer Aspire GD245HQ 3D Vision-capable Monitor, but for this one you’ll also have to probably wait for January 2010. Nevertheless it is always good to hear news about more and more companies and products being released to support stereoscopic 3D and LG announcing this is a good sign that the time for these technologies has finally come and they’ll become more and more mainstream and affordable…

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