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LG Has Announced an 84-inch 4K Ultra Definition 3D-capable HDTV

August 22nd, 2012 · 11 Comments · General 3D News

Today LG has officially announced what they call the world’s first 84-inch Ultra Definition (UD) 3D TV for the Korean market with the TV expected to start appearing in North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America starting in September. What is interesting here is the fact that you get 4K resolution in 2D mode and more than Full HD in stereo 3D mode since the 3D TV set uses LG’s passive (FPR) 3D technology that essentially halves the vertical resolution in 3D mode. And the good news is that the 4K resolution (3840×2160) is actually fully supported by the HDMI 1.4 interface and thanks to the use of passive 3D technology you can also use the interface in 3D mode as well, though you’ll have to feed the TV set with Row Interleaved video data directly as HDMI 1.4 does not currently feature frame packaging support for more than 1080p resolution.

The 84-inch LG 84LM9600 Cinema 3D TV is definitely an interesting approach from LG as the company is clearly targeting to get a good market position among the 4K resolution TV sets even though they are still very far from becoming mainstream. And the good thing is that even the currently available technology allows them to support stereo 3D mode, though not in the full 4K resolution, but with more than enough pixels at 3840×1080 per eye for the 3D mode. 4K stereoscopic 3D support with active 3D TV sets at this time would be a problem due to the very high bandwidth requirements in order to push two frames at full 4K resolution, but with all the interest in 4K we are probably soon going to get a new revision of HDMI supporting frame packaged 3D at over Full HD resolution. The good thing from all this is that we are probably also going to have support for 1080p 60Hz frame packaged 3D mode sooner than later, so while 4K TV sets at every home is something still in the not so near future, we may all benefit from that even in the next generation of Full HD 3D-capable solutions.

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