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About the Stereoscopic 3D Support in the Daum Potplayer

September 10th, 2012 · 7 Comments · Other S3D Tech

Potplayer is yet another free software video player coming from Korea, much like the GOM Player or the KMPlayer, in fact Potplayer is very similar to KMPlayer in many aspects including the fact that the player comes with built-in codecs to support all of the most common video and audio codecs out of the box. And much like the other two Korean players mentioned above, Daum Potplayer also has some stereoscopic 3D support built-in and that is what interests me the most…

The Potplayer has built-in support for displaying 2D subtitles properly when playing back stereoscopic 3D videos with it, however this only works for 3D videos in Side by Side or Top & Bottom format. The options is available in the right-click quick menu as well as in the player options. Of course you get the 2D subtitles properly displayed on top of 3D video, but the subtitles are put at screen depth level and you cannot adjust their position in 3D space. For more flexibility you will need to go for something like the ffdshow subtitles filter for the playback of 2D subtitles over 3D video files.

What is more interesting in the Potplayer is the ability to use a predefined set of pixels shaders to convert 3D videos from Side by Side or Top & Bottom to anaglyph 3D format (Green-Magenta or Red-Cyan) and to watch a 3D version of 3D videos. This and the 2D subtitles support for 3D videos is intended to be used for 3D video playback on 3D HDTVs and the only thing in that aspect that is kind of missing here is the support for Row Interleaved output for passive 3D HDTVs. Another thing that is missing and might be useful in terms of stereoscopic 3D support is a software pageflipping mode that could be useful for people with 3D DLP projectors. So there is more to be desired in terms of stereoscopic 3D support from the Portplayer, though with the use of pixel shaders (if you know how to write the needed code) it is possible to extend the functionality of the player. Nevertheless Daum Potplayer could be useful for some people willing to play not only stereo 3D videos, but various 2D videos as well, so if you still haven’t tried it you might check it out.

To download and try an English version of the Daum Potplayer free video player…

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The Multimedia Player KMPlayer Now With Stereo 3D Support As Well

April 29th, 2012 · 7 Comments · General 3D News

When talking about a good general audio and video player three names quickly come up in my mind – Media Player Classic, GOM Player and KMPlayer. All powerful both in terms of features and options available to the user and easily playing back most audio and video formats, but this goes as far as 2D video. The it seems that these players could soon also support 3D video playback, for example the GOM Player has gotten stereo 3D subtitle support some time ago and more recent beta builds of the KMPlayer also do come with support for stereo 3D subtitles as well as stereoscopic 3D video playback capabilities as well. Have in mind though that when talking about stereo 3D subtitles support with these players it means support for plain text file subtitles used for 2D videos that are just being played back properly at screen depth in 3D mode. Regarding the supported stereo 3D input formats the KMPlayer can handle videos in Side by Side or Top/Bottom (Over/Under) and can display them in multiple anaglyph output modes as well as Row or Column Interleaved format. So you wither need a pair of anaglyph 3D glasses or a passive 3D display that can work with direct Row/Column Interleaved input such as LG’s 3D monitors and 3D HDTVs, unfortunately there is no support yet for 3D Vision for example. So next up is Media Player Classic starting to get some stereoscopic 3D support as well…

The KMPlayer also has some sort of an online service for accessing 3D videos called 3D Movie Plus, however I was not able to see any videos available as in the example screenshot above, so this may only be working in Korea for example. And while neither the GOM Player, not the KMPlayer are yet even close to offering what the Stereoscopic Player supports in terms of stereo 3D video, they are still much better in 2D video playback. So if you have never used Media Player Classic, GOM Player or KMPlayer, then I’d recommend to check them out at least because of their 2D multimedia playback capabilities.

For more information and to download the latest KMPlayer with stereo 3D support…

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