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JVC is Also Announcing a Full HD 3D Consumer Camcorder at CES

January 7th, 2011 · 6 Comments · Shooting in 3D

For CES JVC is also joining with a consumer camcorder to offer 3D recording in Full HD, thanks to a new JVC-developed high-speed processor that can produce two simultaneous Full HD images. The new JVC GS-TD1 3D camcorder uses two camera lenses and two 3.32 megapixel CMOS sensors – one for each lens – to capture three-dimensional images and the high-speed imaging engine simultaneously processes the two Full HD images – left and right at 1920x1080i resolution each. JVC’s new camcorder offers recording in “LR Independent Format” as well as the widely used “Side-by-Side Format” for AVCHD (3D) and conventional AVCHD (2D) shooting. The camcorder uses a JVC 3D Twin HD GT Lens and also features round iris diaphragms that enable beautiful bokeh effect (background blurring) shooting of video and stills alike.

Additional highlights include 3D optical 5x zoom, Optical Axis Automatic Stabilization System for disparity control to give depth to 3D images, JVC’s BIPHONIC technology for dynamic 3D sound and Automatic Parallax Adjustment to optimize the 3D-video comfort zone. JVC GS-TD1 has a 3.5″ 3D touch panel LCD monitor that can display 3D images without the need for 3D glasses (autostereoscopic 3D display), making it easy to check 3D images while shooting and watch 3D playback in the field. The JVC GZ-TD1 Full HD 3D camcorder will be available in March for $1,999.95. And thus I already have a competitor for the place of the upcoming Sony 3D camera that I already liked from first look, as JVC will be soon offering putting a quite similar and very competitive product. Again as with Sony, here nobody is mentioning what will be the interaxial distance, but I suppose that JVC has settled fro around 6 to 6.5 centimeters.

JVC also introduced a new HD Everio camcorder with 3D capabilities – the JVC GZ-HM960. This model is not a dual lens and sensors camera, it is similar to other HD Everio models in size and features, but what differentiates the GZ-HM960 is its 2D-to-3D output function that can convert any 2D footage into 3D. And the output can be viewed without glasses directly on the camera;s 3.5-inch 3D LCD monitor (autostereoscopic 3D display), or by connecting the camcorder to an external 3D HDTV. The JVC HD Everio GZ-HM960 will be available in February for $949.95. The 2D to 3D conversion feature on that camera is not what I’d prefer to have instead of a true 3D camera, but it can be attractive for some users that want to get stereo 3D content in the easy way by continuing to shoot exactly the same way they did up until now in 2D. Still this camera from JVC will be the first one to offer such functionality built in.

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