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iZ3D Discontinues Operations Marking the End of the iZ3D Driver

August 1st, 2012 · 2 Comments · General 3D News


We already knew this was coming after the unsuccessful attempt with the open source project for the iZ3D driver and apparently the company could not find new funding to continue operating and supporting their 3D software solution. Without a doubt iZ3D has done a lot for the stereoscopic 3D gaming community, so it is sad to see them disappear as the solutions for playing games are getting less, thank god that somebody does not have a monopoly on that market.

iZ3D, Inc. Discontinues Operations
Over the last year iZ3D reorganized the company to better respond to changing 3D market conditions and to promote joined marketing with 3rd party 3D hardware providers.
However, despite diligent efforts to join forces with other 3D companies and despite initiating an Open Source project, iZ3D was unable to secure new relationships and new funding. Regretfully, because of lacking funds, iZ3D is no longer able to meet financial obligations. Therefore these financial realities force iZ3D, Inc to discontinue its operations on July 31, 2012.

Many thanks to our customers and partners for the support extended in the past.

The iZ3D website is still online, however you cannot buy anymore a license for the iZ3D driver, you can only download the trial version and use the anaglyph 3D output for free or 30 days trial for any of the other output modes. The iZ3D forums are also available at the moment, but since the company already sized operations nobody from iZ3D will be moderating and monitoring them anymore. Also all forms of support and customer service are no longer available.

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What is the Current Status of the iZ3D Driver Open Source Project

June 30th, 2012 · 7 Comments · General 3D News

If you remember back in April iZ3D has announced their open source project with the ultimate goal to release the source code of their iZ3D Driver to the open source community and allow the users to keep developing and improving it. This has happened after quite some time with no new updates being released for the iZ3D driver and this announcement also confirmed the suspicion that the company is no longer developing the driver. But in order to release the source code of the iZ3D Driver as an open source product the company has set a very high goal – to reach $800,000 USD in less than three months from user contributions with users being able to contribute only $150 USD to the iZ3D Driver Open Source Project.

But what is the situation today, on June 30th, the deadline for reaching the $800K USD goal, apparently iZ3D is still very far from what they’ve anticipated. I was very skeptical about reaching that goal with the terms that iZ3D has set even when they’ve announced the initiative to go open source. Allowing smaller contributions from users is a must and using a trusted crowd funding service like Kickstarter could’ve greatly helped move things forward for the initiative, and apparently iZ3D has also reached to a similar conclusion (though apparently Kickstarter has rejected the project when it was submitted there at a later time). So iZ3D started accepting from as less as $5 USD through PayPal up to $150 in contributions from users willing to see the iZ3D Driver released as an open source project under GPL license. The only problem is that there is no time left, unless iZ3D extends the time-frame they have initially announced and we have absolutely no information on what is the current amount of contributions so far and how much is left. So hopefully tomorrow we are going to have some more information regarding the future of the iZ3D Driver and will it’s source code be made available to the open source community or not…

Update: Apparently iZ3D has dropped the Open Source Project idea due to low user interest according to them, so everyone contributing to the project will get a refund, here is what they said:

In 2011 and 2012, more than a quarter million of the free and fee based iZ3D drivers were downloaded by the iZ3D user community. However, only a very small fraction of the community members showed interest into the conversion to Open Source by contributing to the project funding. Unfortunately the contributions were insufficient to convert the iZ3D driver software/middleware to Open Source status. Therefore we decided to refund the contributions to the contributors with many thanks. Considering the company’s financial status, we will now have to search for alternative measures to support the iZ3D software for the 3D gaming community. Again many thanks to the contributors for the expressed interest and for the contributions. We will issue the refunds to your original payment account prior to July 4, 2012.

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GameGrade3D S3D Compatibility Database Recognized by AMD

June 29th, 2012 · No Comments · General 3D News

The GameGrade3D user driver stereoscopic 3D game compatibility database has been apparently officially recognized by AMD as a source for independent and reliable information about game compatibility with different stereoscopic 3D solutions, including AMD’s HD3D technology as well as when using software from their middle-ware partners – iZ3D and TriDef 3D. Although nowadays AMD is only talking about TriDef 3D as the things with iZ3D are a bit uncertain, though still iZ3D is a working alternative. AMD has added a logo of GameGrade3D and links to the AMD category with user rating of how different games perform in stereoscopic 3D mode on AMD-based hardware. Hopefully AMD will not be the only one recognizing the GameGrade3D service and especially the user feedback about stereoscopic 3D compatibility in different games that it provides. I personally, and probably a lot of other stereo 3D gamers as well, will be very happy if game developers, among others, also use the feedback generated from users in order to improve their stereoscopic 3D support in games.

To check out the GameGrade3D stereoscopic 3D game compatibility database…

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