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iZ3D Will Stop Producing 3D Hardware and Focus on the 3D Software

August 31st, 2010 · 6 Comments · General 3D News


It seems that iZ3D has decided to phase out of their 3D hardware business and this means that they are going to cease selling iZ3D monitors and instead from now on will focus on the development of their 3D driver that will work with hardware from other vendors. Of course all owners of iZ3D displays do not need to worry as the support for the monitors will still continue to be available in the drivers in the future too. More details about that are available on iZ3D’s official blog post published today that is available here.

Meanwhile the company has made available a second release candidate (RC2) of their 3D driver version 1.11 with some fixes and improvements like for example the new ColorCode anaglyph output support and improved performance on Nvidia-based GPUs. The new iZ3D version 1.11 RC2 driver is available for download here.

As we know iZ3D is one of the software partners for the upcoming stereoscopic 3D support with shutter glasses produced by BitCauldron and compatible with ATI GPUs and working with 120Hz LCD monitors currently a territory reserved only for Nvidia’s 3D Vision. And while there is still no official word on when the complete solution will be available from ATI or actually AMD and their partners, we are already seeing some hints coming from iZ3D. Like for example the dedicated page with details about MSI All-in-One 3D PC that uses ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730 video card and the apparently new and still kind of mysterious 120Hz Viewsonic 3D LCD Display that should work with both AMD (ATI) and Nvidia-based GPUs.

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Get 20% Discount for the 22″ IZ3D Stereoscopic 3D Monitors

October 8th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Other S3D Tech


If you were thinking of getting one of the 22-inch IZ3D monitors for playing in Stereoscopic 3D, now may be the right time to do that in order to get a 20% discount of the product price (only if ordering through IZ3D’s webshop!). The only thing you need to do is when checking out to write the following promo code: 91927c7d and you should be all set. And if you ask why IZ3D and not GeForce 3D Vision, the answer is quite simple actually… IZ3D’s display and drivers work on any kind of video card (ATI-based video card for instance) and not only on Nvidia, unlike the 3D Vision driver that requires you to have an Nvidia-based VGA. And of course the 22-inch IZ3D display does not use active shutter glasses and a 120Hz display, but instead relies on dual screens (inside one monitor) with different polarization and passive polarized glasses in order to achieve the Stereoscopic 3D effect. And of course this technology also has its pros and cons, but if you wanted to get one of these and save some money now should be the right time to take advantage of the discount offer.

To visit IZ3D’s website for more information about their 22″ S3D display…

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