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iZ3D Display Drivers 1.10 Final are Available

November 4th, 2009 · No Comments · GeForce 3D Vision


The guys from iZ3D have released the final version of their universal drivers that do not support only iZ3D’s displays, but a lot of other solutions for preparing a stereoscopic 3D setup, including even a free anaglyph mode. The final 1.10 version comes after a few release candidates and it not only contains some new profiles for games, but also a lot of improvements and fixes… still nothing new about the shutter mode though. This means that all the owners of eMagin Z800 and a few other HMDs and other setups will still have to wait for the next driver version, supposedly 2.0 that should have a lot of improvements in the shutter support. Anyway, here is what is new in the iZ3D 1.10 Final Drivers:

Version 1.10 – 2009.11.04
[+]Added Batman Arkham Asylum, Settlers II, Need for Speed Shift, G-Force, Section 8,
Majesty 2, Allods Online, Killing Floor, Guitar Hero 3, Guitar Hero World Tour,
Serious Sam 2, Flight Simulator 2004, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, Left 4
Dead 2 profile.
[+]Added tables for new glasses.
[+]Added new key DrawMonoImageOnSecondMonitor, that replace additional Side By Side
output modes.
[+]Added new key ScreenshotType (0 – JPG, 1 – PNG, 2 – BMP).
[!] Improved handling Anti-Alaising on ATI videocards.
[!] Improved shader analyzing for some new games.
[!] Minor driver optimization.
[!] Improved internal profile system (new attribute ConvergenceShift).
[f] Resource leak fixed.
[f] Some D3D8 errors fixed, that cause Last Chaos crash.
[f] Smoke in Tom Clancy H.A.W.X fixed.
[f] G-Force crash on NVidia fixed.
[f] Flatout UC sky fixed.
[f] Interface in Sexy Beach fixed.
[f] Motion blur in Dirt fixed.
[f] Mirror’s Edge profile fixed.
[f] In-game menu in Ghostbusters fixed.
[f] Crash in Ghostbusters by Alt+Tab fixed.
[f] Stereo YouTube feature fixed.
[f] Over/under mode fixed.
[f] Driver statistic fixed when FPS off.

To download the New iZ3D 1.10 Final Drivers…

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